“Flashing Knickers With Dewy”

Good morning everyone! This is Dewy Knickers here with another edition of “Flashing Knickers With Dewy”. Today’s very special guest is none other than, Icy Monika~Dewy’s royal sister. Some background on Monika, she is 29 and was born and raised in East Germany and has lived for the past 10 years in Iceland.

“Good morning Monika.”
“Morning Dewy, thanks for having me on your show.”
“No problem Monika, we royals need to stick together after all. I understand you have been busy wrangling sheep? How has that been going?”
“Well Dewy, it’s a smelly job, but if you want to eat good over the long, dark winters, you have to store up on food. And sheep can be food as well as wool.”

“So the topic we selected is what Monika does for fun?”

1. What do you like to do on weekends?

I like to think of myself as a fairly flexible lady. Depending on the weather I can be in or outside, enjoying myself equally. Inside on a rainy day with a book on a Saturday afternoon is just as thrilling as on the back of my favorite horse in the open space of the Icleandic countryside. Diversity is important to me and I enjoy having both quiet and pacing moments in life.

2. What type of reading material do you like?

Well Dewy…I can digest a lot of writing. Some more pleasurably than other stuff. I think I draw the line at Chemistry books though!

3. Are you crafty and if so what type of crafts do you enjoy?

Crafty, well I don’t like to admit it internationally but that half of my brain is slightly under developed. I can knit, stitch and crochet though and I do make my own Christmas cards every year. That sums it up!

4. Are you active physically in sports?

I used to play volleyball for quite some time until a year ago. I go swimming regularly and like to jog! But all in healthy moderation. I purchased a new gym card this morning, too!

5. Do you enjoy listening to live music or prefer recorded music?

Well…my childhood wasn’t all that easy and we never had much money. So I didn’t get a lot of opportunity to enjoy live music. In the last 10 years however I have been to classical concerts as much as possible, and I have seen the odd Icleandic band playing outside. But nothing major. I have a huge CD collection and I like it that way!

6. Are you an outdoor or an indoor person?

Both, but considering the Icelandic climate…if the weather allows I will be found outside!

7. Is travel as a tourist something you enjoy?

I love it. Travel, Culture and Languages are my passion and I seize every opportunity I can get to go somewhere new and experience the place. Nothing like it for me.

8. Do you like museums or prefer party clubs?

Museums rather. I don’t look it but I am shy by nature and clubs just never had any attractiveness for me. I call them meat-markets. I do enjoy meeting up with my friends and chat the night away in a coffee house somewhere.

Thank you so much Monika for stopping by the studio today and remember, any of you out there can be featured in an upcoming episode, just drop Dewy a line.

DK xo

“Flashing Knickers With Dewy”

Good morning everyone on this beautiful weekend in September. This is Dewy here and I am exhausted. I have been on the go this week setting up my new Saturday show, “Flashing Knickers with Dewy“, and I have several interviews in the works. I would love to sit down with each of you and talk about whatever is on your mind. DewyKnickers Fan Club E-Mail

“Good morning! This is your hostess with the mostess rounded assets; Dewy Knickers. I would like to welcome a special guest today to the show; Flashy Pinky~Dewy’s designing sister.
*applause track as Flashy sashies onto the stage and sits down*

Hello Flashy. I am glad to see you despite you being a little sick. Are you feeling any better? Is your beautiful daughter any better?

Thanks Dewy for having me. You are the greatest blogger I know. *wipes noise* We are feeling much better thank you.

So, How did you start designing jewelry?

~~ I started last Christmas, designing bracelets for the women in my family. I have so many and I needed an inexpensive way to get them all presents. I bought $60.00 worth of glass beads and base metal clasps. It was a humble start. After basic designs, I started branching out, seeing what beads and wire would and wouldn’t do. I have piles of works in progress that are my early designs before the end product gets caught by the camera.

Did you study or take classes?

~~I haven’t taken any classes, although I have my eye on some metalsmithing in the near future. I have read quite a few books on wire work. Most everything else just pops into my head!

Is there a theme that you follow?

~~Uniqueness. I try to make each piece an individual and with a story. I put a small piece of me in every piece of jewelry that I make, I am unique and therefore my work is also.

What type of materials do you use?

~~As far as beads go, I like Czech glass the best. Any type of glass bead is pretty, it it’s own way. I love, love, love using real gemstones and pearls. I think it adds a little more to a piece. Sterling spacers and clasps are a must! No more base metal for me!! LOL. As far as wire, I use SoftFlex beading wire because it has a high strength test. I also work a LOT with silver, sterling silver, copper and I am venturing into gold as well. For simple projects, I use craft wire because I can get it in bulk, it’s easy to use and it’s less expensive, so I can make pieces for a wide variety of shoppers.

Where does your inspiration come from?

~~Everything! Really. Inspiration can be found every single day if you stop to take the time and see it. The colors of a sunset, the grass waving in the wind or even the bright neon of signs in the city. All of these things inspire me to create. I use a lot of my own emotions and experiences as well. I have several pieces that are a biography of my life.

How do you market your creations?

~~Currently, I blog, email, I have a catalog, business cards and I’ve got some postcards going out, too. Word of mouth is still the best mode of marketing. Every person that is happy with my work is a testimonial to my craft. I am my own marketing tool, so I wear my creations every day.

Is there a designer you pattern yourself after?

~~None that I can think of. I flip through magazines to see trends, but there isn’t one designer that has shaped my style.

What do you hope this business will do for you?

~~Well, of course I would love to be famous! Pinky WorldWide!! Aside from that, it’s already doing something for me. I am getting to stay at home with my daughter, I am getting to create, design and be free with ideas, and I am making people happy. That is quite a lot in a short amount of time.

Any final notes you would like to say?

~~Last note: I truly enjoy what I do. I love to design a piece of jewelry in my head, then move it around until I know how to create it with my hands. I love the whole process: idea, design, production and final product. It’s satisfying, rewarding and keeps me challenged to learn more and create more. Thanks for doing this with me, Dewy. I hope you have gotten a better look at the woman behind the curtain. Hugs and Kisses!!

Thank you so much for coming here today Flashy. *hugs to standing ovation from audience* Please go visitFlashy’s Store. Tell her Dewy sent you and she will give you a *smack*. 😉

DK xo

P.S. In case you haven’t answered the fruit question from yesterday, please do do now.