“Flashing Knickers With Dewy”

Good morning everyone on this beautiful weekend in September. This is Dewy here and I am exhausted. I have been on the go this week setting up my new Saturday show, “Flashing Knickers with Dewy“, and I have several interviews in the works. I would love to sit down with each of you and talk about whatever is on your mind. DewyKnickers Fan Club E-Mail

“Good morning! This is your hostess with the mostess rounded assets; Dewy Knickers. I would like to welcome a special guest today to the show; Flashy Pinky~Dewy’s designing sister.
*applause track as Flashy sashies onto the stage and sits down*

Hello Flashy. I am glad to see you despite you being a little sick. Are you feeling any better? Is your beautiful daughter any better?

Thanks Dewy for having me. You are the greatest blogger I know. *wipes noise* We are feeling much better thank you.

So, How did you start designing jewelry?

~~ I started last Christmas, designing bracelets for the women in my family. I have so many and I needed an inexpensive way to get them all presents. I bought $60.00 worth of glass beads and base metal clasps. It was a humble start. After basic designs, I started branching out, seeing what beads and wire would and wouldn’t do. I have piles of works in progress that are my early designs before the end product gets caught by the camera.

Did you study or take classes?

~~I haven’t taken any classes, although I have my eye on some metalsmithing in the near future. I have read quite a few books on wire work. Most everything else just pops into my head!

Is there a theme that you follow?

~~Uniqueness. I try to make each piece an individual and with a story. I put a small piece of me in every piece of jewelry that I make, I am unique and therefore my work is also.

What type of materials do you use?

~~As far as beads go, I like Czech glass the best. Any type of glass bead is pretty, it it’s own way. I love, love, love using real gemstones and pearls. I think it adds a little more to a piece. Sterling spacers and clasps are a must! No more base metal for me!! LOL. As far as wire, I use SoftFlex beading wire because it has a high strength test. I also work a LOT with silver, sterling silver, copper and I am venturing into gold as well. For simple projects, I use craft wire because I can get it in bulk, it’s easy to use and it’s less expensive, so I can make pieces for a wide variety of shoppers.

Where does your inspiration come from?

~~Everything! Really. Inspiration can be found every single day if you stop to take the time and see it. The colors of a sunset, the grass waving in the wind or even the bright neon of signs in the city. All of these things inspire me to create. I use a lot of my own emotions and experiences as well. I have several pieces that are a biography of my life.

How do you market your creations?

~~Currently, I blog, email, I have a catalog, business cards and I’ve got some postcards going out, too. Word of mouth is still the best mode of marketing. Every person that is happy with my work is a testimonial to my craft. I am my own marketing tool, so I wear my creations every day.

Is there a designer you pattern yourself after?

~~None that I can think of. I flip through magazines to see trends, but there isn’t one designer that has shaped my style.

What do you hope this business will do for you?

~~Well, of course I would love to be famous! Pinky WorldWide!! Aside from that, it’s already doing something for me. I am getting to stay at home with my daughter, I am getting to create, design and be free with ideas, and I am making people happy. That is quite a lot in a short amount of time.

Any final notes you would like to say?

~~Last note: I truly enjoy what I do. I love to design a piece of jewelry in my head, then move it around until I know how to create it with my hands. I love the whole process: idea, design, production and final product. It’s satisfying, rewarding and keeps me challenged to learn more and create more. Thanks for doing this with me, Dewy. I hope you have gotten a better look at the woman behind the curtain. Hugs and Kisses!!

Thank you so much for coming here today Flashy. *hugs to standing ovation from audience* Please go visitFlashy’s Store. Tell her Dewy sent you and she will give you a *smack*. 😉

DK xo

P.S. In case you haven’t answered the fruit question from yesterday, please do do now.


8 thoughts on ““Flashing Knickers With Dewy”

  1. Good Morning, love! Thank you so much for the interview, perhaps I will be worldwide after all!!

    As for thr fruit question: Pears. They are juicy and soft. Fleshy and yummmmmy. Very sexy fruit to me!

  2. Hi Flashy,

    We sure had a great time at the studio with this interview. You make a great guest. Just remember when you are rich and famous who got you your first big break.;)

    Yes, pears are so sexy, they look like Dewy’s rounded assests and soft and curvy on the outside, and so sweet, juicy and lickable on the inside.

    DK xo

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