“Wednesday’s Question”

Good Morning everyone!!! Just wanted to let you all know that Flashy Pinky is thinking about making T-shirts for us if enough people are interested. Send Dewy an e-mail with how many shirts and what sizes you would like and she can sell them through her online shop. These are some of the ideas we are tossing around.

The Fresh Knickers Club
Flash Your Knickers Here
Keep Your Knickers Humming
Dewy Rules, Boys Drool
Knicker Ladies are Shady

So today’s question is….

“Which of the above sayings do you like the best, or something different?”

DK xo


24 thoughts on ““Wednesday’s Question”

  1. Good Morning Ladies! It looks like “Flash You Knickers Here” is pulling to the top rather quickly. I like that one, too, but I also like “Knicker Ladies are Shady”. You know, I’d wear any of them really! And the web site being included was already added into my design.

    Dewy, what do you say? I do a prototype and see what the ladies have to say? What color shirt?

  2. Speaking of bright, the writing should be hot pink! You know, since it’s knickers and all, might as well give people the impression of “pink panties.” Hehe.
    And I agree that is is early. On that note, I’m trying to decide if 1am is early or late…


  3. Okay, I have some HOTT pink letters so I will work on a mock up today. I’ll post on my blog when it’s ready, unless Dewy wants me to send it to her???

  4. ‘Morning Dewy, Ladies, a bit late, slow morning, had an insomniac nite, need more coffee…I love it “Flash Your Knickers Here” great idea!

  5. Ok, I love them!!! I think we should have shirts that have the Dewy Rules, Boys Drool, on the front (like where a logo would go on the side) and the back should say “Flash Your Knickers Here” :0)

  6. i like “Flash your Knickers Here”, too… only i like red shirts with white print. or white shirts with red. (black shirts with red print?)

    what can i say? i’m just not a fan of pink (the color, NOT the fabulous blogger!) but, that’s just me! xo

  7. purple? plum? eggplant? these work for me… and just about every shade of blue/green and/or yellow.

    but pink? eh… here’s another shock, peach doesn’t do it for me, either! (sorry)

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