“Flashing Knickers With Dewy”

Good morning everyone!! This is Dewy Knickers with another episode of “Flashing Knickers With Dewy”. For previous interviews, please check my sidebar. Today’s very special guest is No Solace~Dewy’s sarcastic sister. Solace Cai is an 18 year old college student from North Carolina and is very outspoken and frank about her life and desires.

{Warning!! This interview deals with sex and is done with the full consent and approval of Solace}

“Good morning Solace, and how are you doing today?”
“I am doing great Dewy, thank you so much for having me!” (((hugs)))
“You are most welcome, although I hear that someone else just had you!”
“That is so true Dewy! I just gave my virginity to someone I love two weekends ago. The emotions I am feeling are in a poem I wrote on my blog.”
“I also understand hummingbunny wrote a Haiku for your first time which you also posted?”
“Yes, he has been wonderful to me and is an amazing friend and writer.”
“Didn’t you also just put a name to the phenomenon you have always experienced in your life?”
“Yes, last Thursday’s poetry dealt with being a synaethete; that is seeing colors when I read, or tasting music.”

1. When you taste something new, how long before it is linked to another sense?

1.Do you mean like if I try a new food how long would it usually be until I taste that food with another sense or how long until I experience another sense when I taste that food? If it’s the first, it depends on how much I liked or disliked the food. The stronger my opinion on the food is the less time before I experience that taste linked to another sense. If you’re asking about the second part… it doesn’t work that way. I don’t experience other senses when I taste something.

2. When you see a new color for the first time, do you hear or feel anything different?

2.Most of the time the experience only goes one way, like I see colors sometimes when other senses are involved, but other senses aren’t involved when I see colors. For example, I see silver when I have sex, but seeing silver doesn’t make me want to have sex or think I am having sex… or experience the sex again. Does that make sense?

3. Listening to music, do you see or taste anything?

3.I don’t really ever see or taste things when I listen to music… I feel things. It’s hard to explain because some of the experiences are very REAL, some of them are all in my “mind’s eye.” Like there are certian songs I can’t listen to just because I feel a very real Physical pain when I hear those songs. Then there are other songs that I feel mentally, more like it’s really Solace who feels it and not me, something like the feel of laying on a fur rug or the warmth of a fire burning, those are the ones Solace feels.

4. You have just started having sex, what surprised you the most?

What surprised me the most about sex? That’s easy, the fact that’s it’s so damn addicting. Well, that and the fact that I don’t regret it, even with the crazy situation I’ve gotten myself into and that I see black when I orgasm as compared to silver when I have sex.

5.What area of study in college are you leaning towards?

5. So about Forensic Anthropology. It’s a pretty good field to get into right now, it seems that most of the big cities have realized that it’s pretty handy to have a anthro. on hand. The FBI employs a large number of them too. There is a lot of Crime Scene Investigation involved, but anthropologists deal with the bodies, remains of bodies, anything like that. It’s pretty cool. I like to get my hands dirty and i get bored with predictability, so forensic anthropology- where I don’t know what’s going to turn up next- seems to be a good choice for me. It takes something special to keep my attentiion of long periods of time, I’m impatient, and I want to see results immediately, that’s something I can get with forensics. Some people are freaked out to even think about handling cadavers, but I think it’s really awesome. It’s not the fact that they’re dead by any means, it’s the whole idea of maybe being able to give a family some closure on a loss or even having a hand in the “bad guy” getting caught.

6. Do you still live at home and do you live on a farm?

6. Yes I do and no, I don’t. We have a farm, sort of, but we don’t live on it. It’s actually over an hour away. We have cattle and hogs (at least part of the year) and they’re pretty self sufficient.

7. Do you play sports?

7. I’m not the sports kind of gal… but I do like to watch hockey every now and then. But like I said before… if sex counts… then I’m a sports fanatic now 😉

8. What type of hobbies or crafts do you do?

8. Hobbies and crafts… ahh, I’m a dabbler, I do a little of this and a little of that. I tried the whole jewlery making thing… just isn’t for me. I used to sell stuff made out of duct tape. I made a pretty little penny off of it too. I make clothing too. I do the design and everything. I actually made my prom dress for my senior prom, but after making it I lost about 10 pounds and it didn’t fit anymore.

9. Who is your favorite musical artist?

9. I really don’t have a favorite artist. I used to, but after a huge sellout of the band I just can’t stand them anymore. I love music of all kinds…except Rap. I HATE rap.

10. What type of creative writing do you enjoy the most?

10) Favorite type of creative writing? That just depends on which muse decides to grace me with her presence. If I had to choose though, I’d say things like “Abbadon” and “Creatures of the Night Take Wing”(something I wrote in November of 2004). Though some of the poetry, “Perfecting the Dragon” is really cool to write. There’s a huge challange in poetry like that. I think I argued with myself over a better animalistic representation of air for almost an hour that night. the dragon wasn’t even a dragon to begin with. It was originally a human. Those poems are always lots of fun to write.

11. What type of friends do you have?

11) I have a lot of different types of friends. It really just depends on what day you ask to who I’ll say my friends are. I tend to fluctuate between groups, I don’t really fit in any one spot. I’ve got friends that all we have in common is the music we listen to, friends that I don’t have anything in common with, friends that give good advice, friends that I wouldn’t take advice from if my life depended on it. And recently I have apparently developed a new type of friend (for me that is). A fuck-buddy… not that I intended for it to be that way…

12. Do you consider yourself an activist?

12) No, not really. I mean, there are some things I take a stand on, but not really an activist. I guess that’s kind of shoking really though considering how opinionated I am and my dislike for authority and corruption.

“Thank you Solace for your taking the time today to be in the studio with me and answering these questions.”

“No problem Dewy, I enjoy talking to you. Say hi to hummingbunny for me.”

DK xo

Hi everyone,

This is Brian. Dewy will not be commenting this weekend due to the fact that I am taking a blogging break. We will see you on Monday. 🙂


6 thoughts on ““Flashing Knickers With Dewy”

  1. What a great interview!! How wonderful to get to know you better. I’m hoping to do more in the future. Thank you for letting all of us in on your life. HUGS!!

  2. Hi! I love talking about myself hehe. I’m not self-centered really I’m not. Haven’t been able to stop by your blog, but I have seen the shirt you made. It’s awesome! And I’ll definitely have to get one. 😉 Have a good one!


  3. Being upfront and honest is refreshing for everyone I think- even for me (even though I’m the one who said it all). I love sharing with all of you.


  4. Interesting indeed. Sex is a natural thing, and is good to enjoy, just be sure to take the proper precautions! (Spoken like a true mother LOL).

  5. Morning everyone,

    There will not be a Monday question due to circumstances beyond Dewy’s control.

    Thanks to everyone for supporting our sister Solace. 🙂

    DK xo

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