I Flash My Knickers At Doug’s

Good morning everyone, this is Dewy Knickers on a very special day!!! Today my rounded assets are the star attraction at my friend’s great blog. Doug of Waking Ambrose has graciously allowed me to try my hand at defining a word of his choosing.

Manifest: The checklist of items needed to be a true lady of the evening. 😉

That’s not one of the definitions on his blog, his blog is PG-13 after all.

Manifest: The morning after in the harsh light of jail. Bail anyone?

Not I have ever been incarcerated, but these days it doesn’t seem like it takes much to be thrown away like rotten produce.

Manifest: The percentage of lies told is inverse to the amount of money at stake.

So today’s question is…..

“What is the best way to eat cheese?”




Monday’s Question

Good morning everyone!! This is Dewy here after a very interesting weekend. We, all the multiples plus Diane, tried to sit down and have a family meeting. However, Brian has clamped down and is flitting all around the place. Nothing new for us, so we aren’t concerned, but we need all of you to be aware that things are going to be strange for the time being.

If you remember last week I asked when I was born. Well, a friend told me that Little Brian knows when we were all born, which explains why he is so frightened right now, and that is spilling over on to all of us. I’ve never held him you know, that job is for Pit Bull, but Pit Bull has found someone himself.

We will cope and survive and we have told LB over and over again that we will wait, there is no need right now to know all the truth.

So today’s question is…

“If you had only 10 pairs of shoes, what percentage of income should be devoted to rectifing the inbalance?”