I Flash My Knickers At Doug’s

Good morning everyone, this is Dewy Knickers on a very special day!!! Today my rounded assets are the star attraction at my friend’s great blog. Doug of Waking Ambrose has graciously allowed me to try my hand at defining a word of his choosing.

Manifest: The checklist of items needed to be a true lady of the evening. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s not one of the definitions on his blog, his blog is PG-13 after all.

Manifest: The morning after in the harsh light of jail. Bail anyone?

Not I have ever been incarcerated, but these days it doesn’t seem like it takes much to be thrown away like rotten produce.

Manifest: The percentage of lies told is inverse to the amount of money at stake.

So today’s question is…..

“What is the best way to eat cheese?”




44 thoughts on “I Flash My Knickers At Doug’s

  1. That’s an excellent question Walela. The answer is yes, because all of us have lived *outside* as emotions. Bernard is the only one to actually live however. For me, I am cool with being inside. I have a great room.

    Sassy Dewy


  2. I was trying to think of something cheesy… couldn’t come up with anything good today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m still stuck on yesterday… even though I wasn’t the one that got ravished in those woods (they all said that I’m too emotionally attached to B., so they won’t let me have sex with him).

  3. Hey Dewy,
    You want to know the best way to eat cheese do you? Well there’s only one way to do it properly and that’s off of a very hot man. Out of his hand is always hot too.

    I am paying the price of yesterday’s fun now. My back is killing me, I guess it wasn’t such a good idea to fuck in the woods after not having sex at all for a couple of weeks.

  4. Haha, sorry… I guess it can get confusing sometimes. Frau and I (I just had to take over… it was just too good.) had sex in the woods yesterday with B.

    Frau is mad at me for taking over halfway through and Echo is pissed just because we had sex with him again. It’s kind of funny actually.

    The whole thing is kind of crazy. One minute I’m taking pictures, the next I’m on the ground being “ravished” in the woods (as Solace puts it). I think it was probably the best sex I’ve ever had (even though I don’t really have much to compare it to… just all the times in my car and I really only did it twice, Frau was incharge the other times.)

    Are you any less confused now?


  5. (((Court)))

    Less confused as to the whom, more confused as to the why. I guess you need to publish a scorecard so we all can keep track.

    Are you sure you don’t have a guy in there somewhere? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sassy Dewy


  6. Are we talking about cheese, or really good multiple sex? HA! Couldn’t resist!!

    Funny you should ask this. I don’t have a working stove (I’m not getting into that today) and I was at a friends house the other day. She was making grilled cheese in the kitchen. I felt the drool pool in my mouth and the spat out “I’ll give you five dollars for a grilled cheese sandwich.” Best damn five bucks I ever spent. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. And just who is being Sassy now young lady???? For your information multiples have very good sex… I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    No stove??? NO STOVE!!! What! Do you live in a tent???

    Don’t let B now that grilled cheese makes you drool; he might get ideas.

    Sassy Dewy


  8. Ladies..Ladies..what have I walked in on today..hhmmm…lolol..you grils are so much fun..sometimes I am laughing so much I forget to comment..however I think I will leave this one up to Miss L, she will be along..oh yes the cheese question, kind da got stuck thinking about the other one..hhhmm best way to eat cheese..well I have to say anyway is great with me as I happen to like it..and damn, thanks Pinky..haven’t had lunch yet and now I must have a grilled cheese..no stove..well you can make a grilled cheese with tinfoil and an iron…beats not having one..a grilled cheese that is..see ya Dewy..BTH, my apologies for being so late today..wor press is having problems today..luv ya..m

  9. Dewy,
    I’m confused as to the “why” myself… and I LIVE with them! I guess though I was partly to blame… I had this oh-so-brilliant idea to ensure that B. would drive himself crazy in Florida because he would think about us the whole time. I can’t stand him, but I’d do anything to make him experience just a little taste of the hell he put Solace though.
    The idea was that we would take the photos and send him on his way thinking about us naked, well, I think we sent him away with a little more than that.
    Frau helped me plan it. She can read men very well, she kept saying that the woods was the best place because he wouldn’t be able to control himself (I still haven’t figured out how she knew that).

    Believe me, there is no guy in here with us. I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing too though, with Solace in love with B., Frau’s extremely high sexual frustration, Courtney slowly loosing her sanity because of school and family, I don’t think our body could handle anyone else.

  10. Hi Madd,

    Glad you like cheese and laughing. WP has been a pain lately, and the spam catcher keeps blocking comments for people. ARGGGG!!!

    Hope your day goes much smoother.

    Sassy Dewy


  11. Hi Court,

    I am probably the wrong person to be asking/telling this all to, because I know very little about this stuff.

    You are Court, and as I understand this, the lead multiple? Correct? You can’t stand B., but you still let Frau and Solace have sex with him using your body?

    The taking pictures of your rounded assets I can understand, but this other business of love and hate just puzzles me.

    Sorry to be so thick headed about this.

    Confused Dewy


  12. Dewy…hey girl..my goodness you are just everywhere today and having so much fun..YEA!! for you. Now as for the cheese question..I love fondue, because it’s cheese that’s all melty and stringy and it can get just everywhere.;0 esp when you ‘accidentally’ drip it on the sexy man who you are sharing it with and I find it sooo much more enjoyable to nibble and lick it from him than the food provided..yummmy as far as good multiple sex oh yes it can be the best..uummm not together..lol..just ask M..when she was married to a man..she sometimes would ask me to help her deal with it when she couldn’t..as you know she much prefers women..sooo bonus for me..;0..sigh..now she is with Carol…no need of help there,besides..really not my thing… so I must fantasize..for now anyway. Hope you are enjoying your day..we really need to get together for a drink and chat soon yes??..love you Girl..xoxo..see ya L

  13. oh my goodness Dewy I was trying to think of something witty about cheese until I read the comments…

    doh… on top of being soppy, I’m pretty dumb too… I must be ‘cos I’m lost.

    enjoy your day

    lotsa luv ann xxxx

  14. Hey Lana!!!! I am kicking ass..ets today baby!!! Calm down girl, calm down. B is allergic to dairy, and soy cheese just doesn’t cut it. I am not sure when we can get together next, that’s up to B and D.

    It will probably be after the first of the year.

    Chat with you soon.

    Sassy Dewy


  15. {{{{Dewy}}}}

    I’m a lost cause anyway… LOL, but sweetheart when one is not a member of the club but an outsider looking in… trust me one is lost.

    Have fun my darling Sassy Dewy

    lotsa luv ann xxxx

  16. Oh Ann darling. You are so not a lost cause. Who else is going to send me all those shoes and handbags? And have afternoon tea?

    You are a proud member of the Fresh Knickers Club. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sassy Dewy


  17. Oh my… seems we need to start making sure we sign our posts…
    Yes I, Courtney, am the lead multiple. Echo doesn’t like him… Echo hates him. I do like him. I’m sorry we have confused the hell out of you today.

    Echo posted that saying it was her idea to begin with. And then I posted right after her.

    Looks like I DO need a score card to keep track of what we’re all doing and saying…

    Oh, and it’s not Frau and Solace h
    aving sex with him. It’s Frau and me, Courtney. Solace is just too innocent and too emotionally attached to him for us to allow her to do that.

    Love and Hate puzzles you? Let’s see if I can clear it all up. Solace loves him, Echo hates him, Frau just wants to fuck him, and me… I don’t really know what I want.

    It has occurred to me that even though I explained the whole thing to him… it still doesn’t register to him that he’s dealing with 4 girls and not just me *sigh* At least the sex is good…


  18. ((((Court)))

    Thank you so much for clearing that up. I understand now that sex can be goog, or so I have heard…over and over again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hi Ann,

    What color???

    Sassy Dewy


  19. I have not forgotten you! I am still not doing my best yet. I need a big hug and smile, I think.

    Cheese, should be eaten with ones fingers, along wioth a cracker or two. I prefer Havarti, myself – yummy!!


  20. Glad to get it all cleared up for you Dewy. I can’t imagine being stuck inside of a guy’s body. I don’t know what I would do… not being able to have sex… that would totally suck. (sorry that I’m pointing out the obvious here)


  21. I love eating with my fingers… the best way I think.

    HWIHTOBDA was more formal… tea from a bone china cup and saucer… fruit on a plate with a knife and napkin… and after a lecture at dinner, the minute he left the room, the children and I all dived in with fingers picking the salad bowl

    oh how he missed the joys of juice running down the chin after biting into a succulent nectarine…

    lotsa luv ann xxxx

    btw: pale turquoise… a set of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Thanks Frau.

    I have no idea what is going on the spammer. B already fired off a note to wordpress, maybe you should do the same. It’s supposed to learn dammit!! How many more freaking comments is this going to eat. Listen up you stupid program!! Can’t you tell the difference between penis pills and my friends???

    I feel better now. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    I would love to have a messy fruit sucking lunch with you.

    My knickers are bright jewel tones… the better to flash with of course.

    Sassy Dewy


  23. All of them Ann of course!!!

    Ruby Red and Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue and Diamond Clear… did I say clear??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What would be even better is to have a couple of hunky guys, young guys, feed us those messy fruits and clean us up later. Yum!!!

    Messy Dewy


  24. It’ll all be okay Dewy, I promise, take a deep breath, imagine the hands of the hottest man you have ever met giving you a massage…lower…lower. LOL. Sorry… perfect opportunity.
    Yes, the damn program should learn, but I believe that it is learning disabled ๐Ÿ˜‰


  25. hmm… hot enough that he could keep you warm all winter. How low? Oh hunny, if he’s got good enough hands he’ll go as low as he can, and know what to do when he’s down there.


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