Friday’s Question

Good morning everyone this is Dewy here on another end of the work week. I am worn out this week and so looking forward to the weekend. I had my portrait taken, I was a guest at a blog, I talked many times to friends on the phone and in e-mails. My respect for B has gone up this week that he can work and blog and take care of all of us like this. And Diane? She is a saint, that’s all I gotta say about that.
We had a tiff on Thursday because he was trying to read poems and comment and I kept butting in. He pointed out that Thursday is his day, and I pointed out that I had a poem posted also and besides! How is it my fault that people want to talk to me? We kissed and made up as we always do, he’s just a good sport about all this.

So today’s question is….

“Without naming names, unless you want to, who is the person you least want to see this holiday season?

Sassy Dewy


Flash those knickers this weekend for me. 😉


17 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. Ooooo! I know, I know!

    The STEPWITCH! Ewwww!

    Or the Grim REaper, they would probably show up together! LOL

    Thank you Dewy, but I doubt I’ll be making sainthood anytime soon! You are a dear! We’ll decorate this weekend and I’ll take pics! So plan the outfit! Hugs – D

  2. First of all I just have to say how wonderful it is that you Brian and Diane are getting on so splendidly… aaaaaah!

    Dewy…I’ll be on holiday these holidays, but guess the last people I would want to see are parking wardens, speed police, my solicitor or the emergency room.

    There are lots and lots of people I would love to see though, but won’t be. I wish we could be together. Dewy, you would love it where I’m going… we could be pampered together, Dead Sea mud wraps… oooooooh wonderful and deep skin salt rubs, soothing facials, melting massages…

    … and… and… do you like playing with babies? 🙂

    oh… must get my head out the clouds and back to the chores…

    have a lovely day Dewy and a great weekend

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  3. Dewy..I am so glad that you have such a wonderful and exciting week…as for who..well, how much time do you have..?..:) I am sure that there are many, however tis the season and so I try not to think about them..notice I said, doesn’t always work that way so..I would love to hear about you upcoming weekend and tree maybe you will share with us..:) take care and have a wonderful weekend..m

  4. Dewy…hey girl…I am so glad that you have been so out and about this week..
    as for who I would not want to see..well that is easy…any one I wouldn’t want to I have already told in no uncertain terms not to bother me..ever..agin or face the consequncious..which could be not so good for them..but oh so much fun for…take care sweetie..all over ((hugs))..L

  5. You have never and will never be anything plain. You are Sassy Dewy and you should be proud of who you are. There, I said it and dammit woman, I mean it. You are beautiful and you are amazing and you are who you are because you have never censored yourself and you better not do it now. GOt it??

    Okay, I’m through with my soap box, anybody else need it?

    As far as the question goes, my mom. B knows this all too well. So, yeah, my mom would be at the top of the list!


  6. Dewy..I second Pinky..and just yeah!!! I love you Dewy, you are my best friend and always will be..anybody else that wants to a hypocritcal Beeeatch!! can just kiss my not as rounded *assets* as the fabulous rounded *assest* of Miss Dewy Kickers!! any one else what to say something then you better come at me..! you Dewy

  7. Hey there girls!!! Thanks for all the support today. I love you all.

    D and I are going to do Christmas decorating on the weekend and some shopping.

    See you all on Monday.

    Sassy Dewy


  8. well I hope I don’t see That bitch Nicole ( my old neighbor who stole my purse and wrote over a thousand dollars worth of checks) unless she is behind bars. Now that would be the best christmas present ever!!

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