Six weird things about me

Hi everyone, this is Dewy here on a lovely Friday morning!!! I did a tag a couple of months ago, go here, but looking back at it, many of the things in that list are things that I would like to do, not what I have done. I was tagged this week by Madd when she wanted to know six weird things about me, so here are six things that are true about me.

1. Well….. (said with a drawl), I am a woman who lives with three men and a boy, inside a man’s body. Does this count as one through six?

2. My idea of a good meal is chicken fingers with bleu cheese dressing, followed by a steak burger with fries. (Brian and Bernard don’t eat meat)

3. I love having long fingernails. 🙂

4. I don’t watch television.

5. I also don’t know how to drive.

6. Dewy Knickers is my pen name, my birth name is Rose.

Have a good day, depending on what we all decide to do this weekend, I’ll probably not be back until Monday. Today Brian is off, so no comments from me until much later.

Sassy Dewy



3 thoughts on “Six weird things about me

  1. Rose, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. You’re not so weird either, although since putting out my weirdisms thanks to dear Madd, I’ve thought of a few more… hmmmmm…..

    I’ll miss you till Monday, so have a lovely lovely weekend sweetheart.

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  2. Dewy..thank you for sharing your ‘weirdness’…uumm so what does that say about those of us who read this and don’t think your weird at all..??? I guess it means we’re all pretty normal..;)Have fun today…I’ll stop by later today..luv ya know how dear your name is to me I am glad you decided to share it with us all..m..xoxo

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