Friday’s Flashing

Good morning everyone, this is Dewy here on a wonderful Friday. Before I forget, I want to wish my sistah Ann a happy Chanukah and a safe and fun holiday to Israel to see her beautiful family. Ann has been a blessing to all of us, but to me has become a true silly sistah and I am ever so grateful for the love and respect. Ann is a very special lady. ((((hugs)))

I also want you all to go over and read our story at the bunny’s place.

So today’s question is….

“What music do you most like to hear this time of year?”

Sassy Dewy



9 thoughts on “Friday’s Flashing

  1. {{{{Dewy}}}}

    I’m blushing furiously…. you are just so sweet and I luv ya honey. The feeling is totally mutual.

    Well as for music… when I do tear myself away from Bon Jovi, I love the song that Diane put on her blog today… the Adam Sandler one and the Chanukah songs we sing when lighting the candles…

    How about you my dearest sassy sistah from you silly one

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  2. The time of the year doesn’t affect the music I want to hear. I want to hear anything that’s NOT Christmas music. Ehh, call my a humbug, but Christmas music gets on my nerves especially since they start playing the day after Halloween.

  3. I enjoy the silly kiddish holiday songs, like the 2 posted today at my blog. Also, Blue Christmas sung only by the man himself, Elvis! You can listen to them tonight, Dewy.

    OXXX D

  4. Well, I would have been here earlier, but B has been busy at work.

    See!! There he goes again!! No speakers at work, so I can’t listen to any music. 😦

    I like classical carols and traditional music. Not one for rock. B likes that kinda stuff, just hurts my delicate and dainty ears. 😉

    Sassy Dewy


  5. Dewy, well you surprise me girl… I expected you to enjoy rocking around the christmas tree… well will wonders never cease?????

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  6. I love christmas music my favorite song is “O Holy Night” and “Carol of the Bells” I just bought The Drifters Christmas CD and it’s really good. Plus I have 3 small kids so they love to hear the x-mas songs

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