Happy Birthday Dr. King

Good morning everyone, this is Rose here on a Monday morning. Today in America is a holiday celebrating the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Banks and government offices are closed, though many businesses are not. Today is supposed to be a day of reflection on the life of a man who strove for equality for all.

Today that dream seems further away than ever.

So today’s question is….

“Do you feel that progress is still being made in relations between different cultures?

Sassy Dewy



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dr. King

  1. Sadly, NO!

    In many ways, we’ve gone backwards, Rose.

    I think an example of this is the aftermath in New Orleans. There were plans right away and committees of all kinds and support galore for the NYC Terrorist atcks.

    New Orleans is still a shambles. People in trailers, demo’d hones lying in heaps. GOv’t has failed them miserably. I think it’s due to race. That and it’s not a nationally significant area, like downtown NY is, the finance district.

    It’s tooo sad. D

  2. Rose in one word ……. NO

    … and without being too picky… what do you mean “still”?

    The world needs a greater understanding of its diverse cultures. I don’t like the word ‘tolerance’ ~ no one should be tolerated, they should be accepted. But remember many cultures do not wish to be assimilated or integrated into the greater society of their country… they want to be left alone. In Britain we have Asian, Greek, Chinese, Muslim, Jewish, Black, etc. communities. People should be able to live within their own community free of prejudice from others.

    sorry I thought you would get a one word comment and then I found I had more to say… shut up ann

    lotsa luv ann xxxxxxxx

  3. I do think race relations have improved, but I live in CA. I am around a lot of young people because of my kids. They do seem to accept all people, however that said, they are apathetic about the MLK holiday. Is it because they aren’t old enough to remember? I was raised in the south by an Italian mother (and crazy father, that’s another ridiculous story) with a weird combination of southern pride and white guilt. Now I see that people are afraid of muslims. I don’t want to feel this way, but I do sometimes. I have to actively tell myself that not ALL muslims want to kill me. So how to you know which hate you and which do not? Big, scary thoughts…
    sorry 😦

  4. BUUUUUUUUSYYYYYY!!!!! day at work. Yikes!!! Trying to get in here to comment is always fun. 🙂

    Thanks Diane, Ann and Claire for your input. I think I understand better now the problems we face.

    Sassy Dewy


  5. No, I don’t think that we have progressed as much as we should have and, sadly 9/11 fueld the fire of racial and religious discrimination. A lot of people may have been thinking discriminating thoughts, but never voiced them aloud. 9/11 in some ways, opened that door to hate and our nation’s government allowed it. Hate exploded like a virus across this nation and it is one that I still see festering.

    Too many people see MLK as a movement for black people only, when that is the furtherest thing he wanted. He wanted equality for ALL mankind, not just for African Americans. It has become a mantra for racial riots, in some places, and that’s not what his dream was for. This is what Martin Luther King’s vision was:

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the the content of their character.”

    THAT was his dream and we have failed miserably at that. Content of character is grossly overlooked, no matter what color skin you have or where you pray or who you pray to. Our value system is a joke and we have built a society where people are praised for all the wrong things.

    In order to fulfill the TRUE motive of Martin Luther King’s vision, we have to start at home. Teach acceptance to your children, not hate. Embrace the differences in color and religion. I don’t hate Ann because she is Jewish, I embrace her and am proud of how proud SHE is of her religion. She makes me want to learn more, to be more knowledgable about it, so that I can know her better, too. Teach love, teach patience, teach understanding. If we start at home, we can fulfill this dream.

    Do you know how you move a mountain? One stone at a time. What stones are you moving?

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