Gray Hair and Wisdom

Hi everyone, this is Rose here. If you haven’t read my poem in the post just below, and the comments that it created, you should go read them. One of the comments, from Robin, asked if dying her hair meant that she was changing her body.

I asked, why does gray hair on men mean distinguished and on women just mean old. I wonder why we women allow ourselves to be pushed aside.

This is not an anti-men, pro-women stance, I just question why woman willingly buy into societies standards? What drives women to change themselves, change their bodies, change their minds. What voice in girlhood is silenced that allows young women to become meek slaves to fashion and culture. Who’s responsibility is it when woman fail?

It’s ours. We have the power to change our lives. We have the power to do what we want. I have no problem with anything a woman does, provided that she does so with knowledge and understanding.

So Robin, if you want to dye your hair, by all means do so. I think pink with green stripes would really set off a debate. 😆

Sassy Dewy



3 thoughts on “Gray Hair and Wisdom

  1. Hi Rose,
    I hate the thought of spending so much money to dye my hair every time I get a haircut, every 4-6 weeks. ($65 at my hair salon.) I decided to search for a hard-to-find color-enhancing shampoo that I’ve been using for awhile (and running out of) instead. It doesn’t cover the gray, but it looks more like blond streaks, blends in better. The first email message I saw this morning in my inbox was from eBay that they found another item that I was searching for…you guessed it, that shampoo! The Buy-It-Now auction was for 2 large bottles and 4 small bottles! Now I’m set for the next year! How great is that?

    As for buying into society’s standards, I agree with you, we need to define beauty for ourselves, individually, not live by society’s definition. A very thought-provoking post, Rose! And thanks for the “shout-out” (mentioning me). Hope your Sunday is a relaxing one! -R

  2. I dye my own hair about every 4 weeks. If I didn’t it would be an all over horrid gray. I can’t help it, I feel better, happier when I look in the mirror and do not see the developing skunk stripe. I’m all for feeling better about myself. I wouldn’t have plastic surgery and wish it wasn’t so acceptable but I never look down on someone who felt they had to do it.

  3. Hey there Robin. Just got a new keyboard, that’s why I am so late. Glad you were able to find the secret shampoo. 😆


    I have come to the conclusion that gray hair needs to go. Now if only I could convince Brian to dye his hair. Hmmmmm.



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