Face Time

Good morning, this is Rose here. Hope you remembered to set the clocks forward an hour. Wouldn’t want to be late for work on a Monday.


I had a good weekend, lots of comments on my Sunday Scribblings post. Thank you. 🙂 And I also got to call a couple of friends and ask them for some advice. We have been frustrated lately about face time.

Face time is when an other gets to be up front, and Brian gets to go away. Problem is, that he is too strong and doesn’t trust us enough to let go. Not only that, but none of us are around all that much so he has privacy in his day to day activities. But when I am at or near the front, he is hovering. Partly by choice, but partly because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

The advice I got was to take it slow, there is no hurry and Lana said that face time wasn’t all that great sometimes. The issue for me is that I blog mostly while Brian is at work, so he has to be around. We share the keyboard and the computer and he has to be ready to pop back out when needed.

This post is a perfect example, it’s taken 45 minutes to write because of him having to work. It’s frustrating for us both because Brian wants to give me time and space to write and at home there is always something he needs to do. We’ll work it out, it’s just going to take time. We are both impatient people. 😛




12 thoughts on “Face Time

  1. Sharing a computer is a bitch in itself, but sharing a body? Woo, girl you can have that one! 😛

    I know it’s hard, but you guys will work it out for the best that will work for everyone. It takes time, but I know you will get there.

    Brian posted about basketball, I don’t like basketball. 😦

  2. Rose love the new look it is beautiful..you guys will work it out I am sure..it just takes time and something I lack..patience..love you sweetie..m

  3. Wow! Looks like you totally revamped your crib. Looks good.
    I sure don’t know how you feel, but there must be some way to work it out. Maybe as time goes on Brian will learn to trust you more and give you more time at home.
    Always, my best wishes to you, sistah!

  4. (((Madd)))

    I like this look, it’s much more me. 🙂 Love you so much.


    Thanks, I’ve had a good day today, writing and redoing my crib. 😉



  5. I’m pulling for you, too. Rose. It will even out…the bumps will become smoother. You are so interesting and hopeful. I hope we become really good friends! ((Rose))

  6. … oooooops, I was about to leave a comment… hmmmm 😕

    I thought I had come to the wrong blog; this is really lovely, but I did love the other one too.

    Playing catchup on your posts sweetheart and your poetry is going from strength to strength; your words are potent and heart rendering and sadly true… if only it could be pure fiction, but life in most parts is evil and wicked.

    I’m sorry you’re having problems; I find life complicated enough and there’s only silly me, so I cannot even begin to imagine how you deal with what life has thrown at you. But, you are one bright sassy lady and I know, I just know, everything will be well for you.

    missed you sweetheart

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  7. ((((Ann))))

    Hey girlfriend, welcome back. I thought about telling you that I changed my blog, but I forgot. 😳

    Problems, true, but as you say, my poetry reveals that compared to many, my life is good.

    Missed you too, can’t wait for us to talk.



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