Why do people fall in love? It seems that everywhere I go to read these days, there is someone falling out of love, hurting from love or pining for love. Is love really worth all the hassles?

What makes love worth the problems that come with being in a relationship? I am confused in that many of the people I call friends are having difficulties with their partners. I just want to know why?




10 thoughts on “Why?

  1. People change and grow and not all at the same time or rate. Then, if there is not a firm commitment to the union- bam!- big trouble in river city. I really think there are only a lucky few who find a soul mate. The rest of us make do and make the best of it, even when our youthful choices were a little misguided. Sometimes there is a larger purpose to serve, such as raising mentally competent children. Then maybe, eventually, things will come back together and work out fine afterall.
    Here’s to hoping!

  2. I agree with Claire…well said! It happened to my parents…they just changed so much in different directions. I think the hardest part of loving someone is letting them be themselves and change and grow in their experiences…especially if you change in a different direction.

    I’m very liberal when it comes to thoughts on love. I still love one of my ex’s, but I know that we just wouldn’t work out in a relationship. It doesn’t make me care for them any less, it just means that we’ve taken different life paths.

  3. My theories on love is ppl get honry;)
    I am a bit of a cynic, been hurt to much and don’t believe it really exist.

  4. rose this is a tuff one to answer..there are as many answers as questions. Some are scientific, some sappy, some emotional, some for convienence, some hormonal…so why do people fall in love..because they are supposed to?? I think the question is what is love?? it is very hard to define and it is as individual as wach person. The romance books out a nice gloss on it and make it look pretty, however real love takes work, commitment and understanding. Hey I am going to see you soon and then we can sit down and have a nice conversation about this very thing..love you, big hugs..m & l

  5. Dear Rose:

    True love is commitment, it is being yourselves, it is high, it is low, it is a gift, it is a chore, it is romance, but more it is friendship, and yes, chemistry is definitely involved.

    it is an awareness that both are wrong and both are right
    that sometimes right and wrong and both all intersect

    it is 90/10, 10/90, 50/50, 100/100, 26/74, 35/65

    but it is a respect, highlighted by delight in the other’s happiness

    it comes late, it comes early, it comes fleetingly or head on

    it exists, I have it, though at one point I thought I never would

    it doesn’t go away, but it is not a straight path, more like a number of S curves that somehow always curve back to make that circle (though sometimes they feel more like jagged Z’s that cut us to the core)

    and I have no earthly idea why he and I have it, we just know we do

    and I don’t think we are the only ones. . . .


  6. Hi Marcia,

    My goodness, you have made my head spin with this comment. 😆

    Thanks for making me laugh and feel good. You should use this as a post. It’s wonderful.



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