Hi everyone, Rose here. I must admit to being a wee bit on the down slope this week. Not sure why, probably a combination of things. Haven’t been out at all since the weekend, done no writing and generally been staying in my room. What’s a girl to do?

This Saturday, the 16th of June, is my first birthday. A year ago on that date, the name Dewy Knickers was posted for the first time. Diane and I plan to have a girl’s night out with friends on Saturday night. I am looking forward to it and plan to tell you all about the fun and excitement.

The following weekend, Brian’s starts his vacation and we are all going to Madd and Carol’s house for a relaxing time. I hope to meet a friend while we are there as well.

I have thought up a few more chapters of Whiskers, but haven’t put them down on *paper* yet. I know it’s Thursday, but no poetry has reared its head this week.

I think one of the problems is that I’ve discovered I really dislike the heat and it is hot! Brian works outside and this week has been in the mid 90’s with very high humidity. I poke my face out and then go right back into my cool room. No thanks, the only sweat I want to have is between the sheets. 😉

Hope you all are getting along fine this week and I’ll try to be more upbeat after the weekend. Until then, this is Rose saying I love you.




11 thoughts on “Doldrums

  1. You know, we all get down the the dumps once in a while. No need to apologize for it. That’s just part of life! And I will be the first to say that lately, the doll drums have become a part of my life more often than I would care to admit.

  2. Being down is ok, Rose. I know how you are feeling. This week has been a trial for me.

    We are going to have a freaking blast on Saturday night!!! Just you wait! 2 days! 2 days! Margarita’s!!! I can’t wait for our girl’s night out!

    Then vacation! Being around a pool is going to be such a girly-thing! Warm & cool at the same time! We are going to RULE!!

    Love you. girlfriend! Smile! D 🙂

  3. Good Luck staying cool. It’s 100 degrees here. But you see, it’s a ‘dry’ heat. LOL . Hot is HOT I say! Better days ahead.

  4. ((((Diane)))

    I am looking forward to Sat. night out with the girls. And vacation time will be outrageous. 😛

    Hi Claire, it’s not a *dry* heat here. More like, soak your head in a bucket and walk around wringing your clothes out *wet* heat.

    He loves it! And people think I’m weird?



  5. Birthday one is lots of fun
    even in that Florida sun
    but once those maragaritas hit
    you’ll no longer notice s**t.


    Why, I do declare,
    nothing else would quite be fair
    than to celebrate
    with dramatic flair.

    Happy Birthday Rose Dewey Knickers a bit early. . . or late depending on when your eyes peruse this.

    Y’all have fun.

  6. ((((Marcia))))

    I should have invited you! You sound like my kind of wild party girl. 😉

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, I’ll have a full detailed report by Monday… or when I recover, whichever comes first. 🙄



  7. I learned something really new about you today. I had no idea that Rose has only been a part of your total life for a year. That is so exciting. In my niavity I supose I thoughtit had been much longer for some reason. I wish you the best of times with your wife and friends (if they come) and I am excited about seeing the detailed report you mentioned to Marcia.

  8. Happy first… 😉

    I have tagged you, on behalf of Red Squirrel, for a meme… if interested, stop by my blog. If not, let it pass, and peace to you. 😉

  9. Hi Chris. I know that my being, the one I call me, is only a year old. The feelings and emotions though go back to our childhood, I just don’t have separate memories then.

    I plan on having a wonderful time tonight and I am sure the girls are planning something.

    Thank you Rob, both for the well wishes and the tag. I don’t do memes at the moment because being only a year old kinda puts a damper on my experiences.



  10. (((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))

    It’s HOT and MUGGY and HUMID and STICKY and I’m cranky that I’m not still at the beach with it’s perpetual wind. Love you lady!

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