Lunch with Regina

Hi everyone, this is Rose here. We just got back from lunch with Regina at the Cheesecake Factory in West Palm. Diane and I met Regina there for lunch and we had a wonderful girl’s luncheon. Brian stayed in the background, answered a few questions, but mainly we three girls talked and got to know each other. Regina is very nice and we connected right away. It’s always difficult to meet someone for the first time, especially when it’s a blogger. We bloggers tend to be private, so it’s a chance to meet in person.

City Place is interesting, it’s a community of condos with shopping and open spaces. Basically an open mall with streets. The main square is medium size with fountains. Everything is two stories and compact. We have never eaten at a Cheesecake Factory before, but it was only a ten minute wait for a table. We had the lunch portions because we all wanted cheesecake for dessert and Regina warned us that the portions were very big. So what did I have?

chicken with orange glaze
tender white meat crunchy crust
melts on grateful tongue

It was the best chicken I’ve had so far. Came with white rice and snow peas with slivered carrots. Ate it all too. 😛 For dessert, I had a white chocolate macadamia nut cheescake. Ate all that too. :mrgreen:

We had a great time talking about anything and everything in our lives for several lovely hours. Good food and great friends. I hope we can get together again in the future. Thanks Regina so much for being my friend. Afterwards, Diane and Brian went to Barnes and Nobles and bought some train magazines for the boys. Also, Brian checked out the prices of books for the size and type of format he’s using.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet vacation for me, but these next three days will be busy. Until then, Rose saying bye-bye.




8 thoughts on “Lunch with Regina

  1. Thank you, sweet Rose- it was wonderful! And I am so glad you posted your little haiku!
    I fear I may never eat again but it was a lovely price to pay for having met you!
    Big hug again… {{{Rose}}}

  2. Doesn’t the Cheesecake Factory have a bewildering number of choices – but oh-so-good! I went recently for the 1st time cuz I got a $50 gift certificate from a student (I know I’m lucky). Quiet is good. If I ever travel to Florida and if you ever travel to Cali, let’s definitely do lunch! That would be da bomb.

  3. Ok, so I am late. We’re on vacation! Anyway, still buzzing about the lunch date. 😀


    I hope you are able to eat again. 😛


    I am enjoying, we went to a Japanese Garden yesterday and took lots of pictures.


    Some day my friend, we will meet.


    It was great fun. I’m the social one. 😉


    It was a ginormous menu! I would love to meet you, hopefully soon.



  4. I am so…..jealous!! Regina is one of my dearest friends and WE’VE NEVER MET!! I am so jealous! I bet she was so wonderful in person too. I know she was looking forward to the meeting too.

    Hey, thanks for stoppin’ in to say hi! We are back now. So glad to be back.

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