Hair She Is

Good morning everyone! This is Rose on a Friday which turns out to be Sunday Scribblings. This weeks prompt was ‘Hair’ and I found some cliches courtesy of Cliche Finder.

tear your hair out
splitting hairs
makes your hair stand on end
neither hide nor hair
hair of the dog that bit you
hairy as an ape
wind swept hair
it’ll put hair on your chest.
waiter, there’s a hair in my soup
hair today – gone tomorrow
let her hair down
ran his fingers through his hair
Thick as the hair on a dogs back
Finer than frogs hair
not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!
as popular as a red haired step child
finer than frogs hair, split three ways
bad hair day
hair raising

I find them interesting because cliches are used in place of a longer explanation. However, since they are language and culturally specific, even regional in their usage, cliches serve as a barrier between people.

As a writer, I try to avoid cliches whenever possible. There are times however, depending on the character and plot, where cliches are vital to the story. If you do use cliches though, you owe it to your readers to utilize them in context and not split hairs.

On a personal note, Diane had her hair lightly tinted with blond highlights yesterday. She’s a very pretty brunette and Brian liked the look although he expressed a desire for her to be more blond. When we were talking to Madd , they asked me about my hair and I laughed. I don’t have a body, so of course I don’t have hair, my collage non withstanding, so my self-image is just that, an image. When Madd ‘asked what about Brian’s hair?’ I replied, ‘Well, with the hot and muggy weather, by the late afternoon it feels like a wet rat! A greasy, slimy, wet rat. Poor guy. 😉

A programming note. I’ll be posting the next Whiskers episode this weekend. It’s been written for a while, but haven’t decided exactly where it fits. Brian has to work tomorrow and I’ll be around a bit, but I’m really tired of this heat. It makes my hair go flat. 😛



19 thoughts on “Hair She Is

  1. Hair’s looking at you!

    Rose Dewy Knickers you’re a redhead
    thru and thru and you tell himself to
    get a No.1 all over; that’ll soon solve
    the hair v heat issue

    have a good one… I’m not really hair
    must get back to the grindstone


  2. Oh, Rose! that was great! I’d never heard of most of those cliches.

    Thanks for the compliment on the hair tinting, I will go a tad lighter next time.

    Poor Bri! Can you imagine Whiskers as a toupee??!! L O L I believe a #1 is an army cut – buzzed right down to nothing!

    Love you Rose! Thanks for the snickers & smiles! We need to choose a nail color tonight! After Pizza, of course!


  3. Hi Diane,

    I know, I know. I love to run my fingers through my lustrous silken locks as my bosom heaves. 😛

    A buzz cut? That Ann, she just wants him short and fuzzy.

    Sounds like fun with the color. Is that before or after the snuggles?

    Love you sweetie



  4. Yes a #1 is a total buzz. It doesn’t look so good, but it’s cool.
    When I was in VA my hair got all frizzy due to the humidity. At least in Cali I can keep my curls under control.
    Change of subject, probably better for email, oh well:
    I read a short blurb in the paper today about this ‘discovery’ that you can talk yourself out of PTSD symptoms by purposely forgetting the trauma. It was a stupid thing to print because I’m afraid it will make some people blame themselves even more. Some things just aren’t forgetable because they keep coming back in nightmares. Who can control their nightmares? I’ve even had hypnotherapy, which did help enormously, but I still have a bad startle reflex. It is in The Sacramento Bee reprinted for the LA Times, titled “Goodbye, disturbing memories?” Rose, whataya think of that shit?

  5. Hi Space,

    I had no idea as well. 🙂


    I think it’s bad science for the sake of selling papers. You can’t wall off memories. And if you erase memories, what’s left?


    That’s me, Laughing Rose. 😛



  6. I know Paris, I had no idea there were so many. Thank you. 🙂

    You know Rob that reminds me, is a Brazilian called a French Kiss in France? Seems logical. 😉



    Whiskers Part Six is Posted. Have a great weekend.

  7. Nice compilation of cliches. You may want to avoid them in writing, but it’s kind of fun to read them and think how they may have started. Good work!

  8. A day late and a dollar short. Oh well. Had a very quiet day yesterday, stayed inside for the most part.

    Hi Patois, it’s a fun site to play around at. You can learn all sorts of cliches to dazzle your friends with. 😉

    Boliyou, I think we ought to have a contest on creating a new cliche.



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