Apologies Not Needed

My dear friends,

You never need to apologize to me for reading my rants. All of you support me and love me in so many ways. If I am unhappy with parts of my life, it is up to me to make changes.

There is also no need to apologize for not understanding my predicament. I don’t understand my life most of the time! So how should I expect you to fix my life.

Please, please, do not apologize for leaving me comments that may seem to trigger a rant. Right Josh? 😉 I lurv getting comments. LURV I tell you!

I want too much and I push so hard at times to get my way that I find myself shut out. I know I am a writer and I know I can write stories and books. I know this. But my desires to make my fantasy life real is just that… fantasies. I have to learn how accept my limitations and to grow in ways that are possible, not in ways that are destructive.

I am real. I do have a voice. I do have a body.

Love you all so much.




14 thoughts on “Apologies Not Needed

  1. acceptance is the first step to inner peace…I love everything about you even your rants..:) sometimes you just need to get it out, besides you always listen to mine and for that I thank you, you are a dear and true friend, something quite rare today..hugs..madd


    Okay then, would you please leave me an email sometime? I’d like to ruthlessly interrogate you. Without Ruth, you see.

  3. You are sweet to say we don’t need to apologize, but you know half the time we will anyway. It is hard to not understand and not take some personal credit for our inability to understand, and hence, apologies. So…

    And we all rant at times; besides, rants can make interesting reading. (grin?)

  4. ((((Madd))))

    Thanks for the shoulder last night. The crying shoulder, not the cold shoulder. 😛 I know, what are friends for, but still. Feeling better today at least.


    There you go, a hug. I’ll send you an email then. I like ruthless guys. 😉


    Sweetness and light, that’s me. 🙄 Truthfully though, I work myself up into a tizzy over silly things sometimes.



  5. I think an occasional spleen-venting is a good thing. Sometimes I do it. It helps organize your thoughts. Comments regarding such rants are often useful as well. And if they’re not, fuggetabout it. There are a billion blogs out there, like-minded people find each other to share, so there’s nothing to apologize for in my ever so humble opinion.

  6. Hi Claire,

    You humble? Of course you are. We all know that you like nothing better than to stay in the kitchen and bake lots of cookies. Why you wouldn’t know a rant if it up and knocked on your back door.

    Sweetness and light, that’s my Claire.



  7. well of course you are .. you most certainly couldn’t be sitting here reading this right this moment if you weren’t real and embodied,, and i know you have a voice… same as mine… a written one…

    love you

  8. Love you too Paisley, all of you. What a great title for a movie, a B-movie.

    “Real And Embodied!”

    Can’t you just see the scantily clad heroine being pursued by monsters? Love it. 😀



  9. oh dear I’m just glad you have a place to vent. and I love reading your rants just as much as your lovely poetry, gives me a look deeper into Ms. Rose’s true self ^_^

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