Hello everyone, this is Rose here for Sunday Scribblings. It’s been awhile since I’ve written for a prompt here. This weeks prompt is ‘Powerful’.

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power (n.)

1297, from Anglo-Fr. pouair, O.Fr. povoir, noun use of the infinitive in O.Fr., “to be able,” earlier podir (842), from V.L. *potere, from L. potis “powerful” (see potent). Meaning “a state or nation with regard to international authority or influence” is from 1726. The verb meaning “to supply with power” is recorded from 1898. Powerful is c.1400. Powerhouse “building where power is generated” is from 1881; fig. sense attested from 1915. Power-broker (1961) said to have been coined by T.H. White in ref. to the 1960 U.S. presidential election. Phrase the powers that be is from Rom. xiii.1. As a statement wishing good luck, more power to (someone) is recorded from 1842.

Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper

This definition above is fairly typical of the English language. It is the most powerful language when it comes to creating new words and incorporating words from other cultures.

1. having or exerting great power or force.
2. physically strong, as a person: a large, powerful athlete.
3. producing great physical effects, as a machine or a blow.
4. potent; efficacious: a powerful drug.
5. having great effectiveness, as a speech, speaker, description, reason, etc.
6. having great power, authority, or influence; mighty: a powerful nation.
7. Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. great in number or amount: a powerful lot of money.

[Origin: 1350–1400; ME powarfull. See power, -ful]

The question being do I feel powerful?Definition #1 doesn’t apply, nor does #2. I don’t exert power or force in any way. Definition #3 also does not apply nor does #4. Numbers six and seven refer to other means of power, which leaves only #5.

Do I Rose have ‘great effectiveness’ in my words? That would be determined by you, my readers. Certainly in terms of influence and understanding, my power is extremely limited. However, definition #5 clearly states that any person, place or thing can be powerful and that power is granted by outside forces rather than from within. It also implies that being powerful is a neutral state of being and can be used for any purpose.

So again, am I Rose a powerful person?

If being powerful means that people are affected by my words and thereby change their opinions or view of the world, then yes, Rose Dewy Knickers as a multiple personality is powerful.

Station Break

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for September, 21 2007

Pick an unusual phobia and explain why a character has it.

  • Spend at least 5 minutes composing something original based on the theme or challenge.
  • But, remember, no editing. This is to inspire creativity not stifle it.
  • On Friday, simply post what you wrote to your own blog.
  • Then come back to Write Stuff and leave the link in the comment section of that week’s Fiction Friday post.

I found this website called The Phobia List which has an extensive listing of fears and phobias. I want to point out that everyone suffers from a phobia or fear of some kind and this post is in no way intended to mock or belittle anyone.

The word I found and the reasons for the story will be revealed at the end.

“Weekly Therapy”

“Hello my friends, my name is Rene LeFromage.”

“Hello Rene!”

“Thank you. I am sure you are all wondering why I am here. Me of all people. Although it pains me to say it, I have mageirocophobia.”

“That’s quite all right Rene. All of us in this group suffer as well. Here you are not alone and I hope by bravely admitting your disorder we can start your healing process.”

“I appreciate your kind words. I have been very troubled for years and despite my many culinary triumphs, this fear, this cruel disorder has stalked me through kitchen after kitchen.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, do you remember when mageurocophobia first struck?”

“A horrible day. It was during a wedding banquet when I had a sudden irrational fear that the wrong fungi was used in the sauce. I nearly ran screaming into the hall warning five hundred guests that their beef brisket was poisoned.”

“And was it?”

“Of course not. But ever since, I triple check every ingredient and insist on tasting every dish. I have driven away all my most competent assistants; my wife sleeps in the guest house and my children refuse to speak to me.”

“I am very sorry.”

“And then of course, last weekend was the final indignity.”

“Yeah I was matching man. That was brutal. Yo bro, you gotta keep it together. What else ya gonna do?”

“The station management said I could have as much time as needed to recover. My show will be in hiatus in the meantime. They even were gracious enough to offer me a slot doing the weekend weather forecast.”

“That is very generous and understanding of them.”

“I turned them down.”


“I have nephophobia as well.”

By Rose Dewy Knickers, September 20th, 2007

Mageirocophobia- Fear of cooking

Nephophobia- Fear of clouds

Vote For The Voice Of Reason


Hi everyone!!! The voting has started over at Write Stuff for the Short Story Contest. In case you are one of the few people that didn’t know about this, my entry is called “The Talking Book”.

There are a total of twenty-five entries and all are excellent stories. I ask for your votes in the hopes that it will make a difference in your life. Yes, I will lower taxes, increase services and provide free gasoline for life for everyone. I understand what it’s like to struggle with the Muses, so I will put all those fickle creatures on notice. From now on, The Muses have to work regular hours and no more long lunch breaks. We the writers have work to do and contests to win!

Remember, a vote for Rose, is a vote for The Voice Of Reason!

That will be all.