Flavor of the month

I was reading yesterday Brian’s contract through Outskirts Press for his novel ‘Real Magic’ and particularly the Internal Revenue Service form. According to the IRS for federal tax purposes if you have a Tax Identification Number, (TIN), you are a ‘person’ in the eyes of the government. Most people have a Social Security Number which serves as the TIN, however for business purposes, the business itself is issued a separate EIN and considered a person.

The reason this means something to me, is that I can’t sign a contract because I’m not ‘real’. I have no SSN or birth certificate or identification of any kind. This matters to me because when I publish my book, I can’t do so as me, only as a ‘pen name’ of Brian’s.

Should this even bother me? Why is this so important to me?

It’s been suggested to me that I could incorporate myself as a business and thus have a EIN for myself, but only someone with a valid TIN can apply for a business. In the state of Florida you can create a fictitious name company or any number of partnerships, but this can only work if I can use the created EIN as my own. I think this could work, but I need to get more information.

I want to do this for me, but not at the expense of the rest of us. It’s not that I mind being part of Brian, after all, the rest of the boys could use his SSN and a pen name with no problem. It’s just when I’m writing I become real, and when I become real I want to live. Maybe this is a foolish dream on my part, but it does mean something to me to have an identity of my own.




7 thoughts on “Flavor of the month

  1. (((((((((Rose)))))))))

    Life is so complicated
    What a tangled web,
    but it’s not a foolish
    dream, even though
    it may have to be that

    somehow, somewhere
    there must be a solution
    to your dilemma… someone
    will have the answer

    lotsa luv ann xxxx

  2. I don’t know how you’ll ever figure this one out. It just seems like an unaswerable problem that you keep butting your head against. In any case, you have plenty of friends who believe you are real with all their hearts. I know that’s not good enough, but that might be all there ever is. Or the incorporation thingy will work out and that will make you happier. I wish for you to have happiness.

  3. Morning my gentle readers. 😉 It’s true that I keep ‘butting’ my head against this, thanks Claire, but I am stubborn. I see no reason for me to be denied my humanity. Does this consume me? Not really, because as I discovered on the trip, it’s hard being out front. I can dream all I want, but until I’m committed to this life and body, I will struggle. There, I said it, I need to accept this body first… I’m working on it. 😀



  4. I know we touched on this briefly in London…….I fully understand your reasoning and wish it could all be simpler.

    Big hugs (from a friend and a fan),


  5. Rose,

    I think this could work. After all, Mark Twain is just as much a person as Samuel Clemons (hope I didn’t misspell that LOL).

  6. Why thank you very much. I like the idea of being a female Twain. 😉

    Keeping myself busy and out of trouble working on the book. I’ll have a three word Wednesday later today.



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