An “Enchanted” Movie Review and assorted Moments from my life and the future possibilities

The Writers Island for this week has a prompt called ‘The Moment’. Today was filled with such moments for me. Diane and I went to see the movie “Enchanted” and then went to lunch together at Olive Garden. We talked about my future and what I needed to do to make my moments happen. The first thing for me is my book and writing career.

I decided to move forward with my book and begin the process of contacting a literary agent. (Already received it back with a rejection) This is the email letter I sent off:

My name is Rose Dewy Knickers and I am a multiple personality. I am a woman who lives in a man’s body and I am currently writing my first book. “Knickers Abroad; A multiple journey” is based on our vacation trip to London and Paris in October of 2007.

The ten day journey is covered within twenty-two chapters containing 35,000 words and twenty black and white pictures. Based upon observations gleaned from my personal travel diary, the book also contains extensive interviews with the friends I met along the way. At times serious and thought provoking, I also write with normal sassy humor and passion for life. Combining facts with my unique insight into the people and places I visited, “Knickers Abroad” offers a chance for singulars to read how a multiple personality copes with the everyday life taken for granted.

The moment I sign a contract and my book is published and available worldwide, is a moment I dream about. It’s going to be very, very interesting.

Diane and both loved the movie “Enchanted” and if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend seeing this picture.

The movie begins with “When you wish upon a star” and since I hadn’t know it was a Walt Disney production, I was a little apprehensive that it would be sweet and cloying. The opening musical number is all Disney as it introduces a virginal girl who lives in a fairytale house in a tree with a group of talking forest animals for her friends.

1. Fairy tale country of Andalasia?

2. Beautiful animated girl who sings, dances and has a perfect figure?

3. Handsome young prince looking for true love?

4. Evil stepmother Queen with dark magic powers?

5. Traitor who works for the Queen?

6. Faithful companion to the girl, a chipmunk named Pip?

The plot is simple, if the prince gives a girl the kiss of true love, then the evil Queen will lose her throne for all time. To forestall this from happening, her henchman Nathaniel -played by Timothy Spall- has been charged with the task of keeping the prince apart from his one true love forever and ever. When he fails and the forest girl Giselle- portrayed by Amy Adams- meets Prince Edward- swashbuckling James Marsden- they fall in love at first sight and plan a wedding on the morrow.

Queen Narissa- wicked Susan Sarandon- intercepts the giddy and hapless Giselle on the way to the altar and in the guise of the Old Hag, tricks her into viewing the Wishing Well. At which point, Narissa shoves Giselle into the well and down she falls. Thus endith the animated portion of the film.

Next up, literally, Giselle emerges through a manhole cover into the real world. New York City actually, in the center of Times Square. Completely bewildered by this turn of events and by that fact that she has a three-dimensional body, Giselle wanders the streets and subway and winds up being rescued by Robert Phillip- a cynical Patrick Dempsey. Robert is the father of six-year old Morgan- a very smart Rachel Covey- and he’s a jaded divorce lawyer who’s trying to work up the courage to ask his girlfriend of five years Nancy Tremaine- Idina Menzel-to marry him.

At this point you might be forgiven in thinking that the movie couldn’t possible work, but in fact “Enchanted” is a wonderful, marvelous, stunning achievement. Giselle discovers that her powers work in the real world as well and the scene when she calls animals to her to help clean-up Robert’s dirty apartment is hysterical. You can imagine what animals she has to work with in New York City and her pure spirit, after being taken aback at first, shines through. She proceeds to turn Robert’s life upside down and her insistence that ‘true love’ not only exists, but that Prince Edward will come for her at anytime, is what carries the movie until near the end.

At first you wait, impatiently, while Giselle smiles her way through the city and you wonder when she’ll wake-up and become an adult. Robert is frustrated by his awakening feelings for her and tries to show her that her naïveté is not charming, but silly and shallow. In the audience, we sympathize with him, but root for her. The best production in the entire film is “That’s How You Know” which is Giselle’s answer to our questioning of her sincerity. The musical song and dance number makes its way through Central Park and I found myself wanting to freeze the action and rewind to listen to it again and again.

Prince Edward shows up and then Nathaniel and Pip; the rest of the picture is conflict and resolution. In the end, Giselle learns that true love is not what she thought it was and Robert discovers that he can fall in love in again.

Amy Adams is amazing as Giselle and never at any point in the movie did you feel that the character was playing false. She truly was love and this is a happy, romantic film that will leave you smiling and humming along. I give “Enchanted” five…


Nothing going on

Welcome to Friday at Rose’s place.

That’s all I got today. 😦

“In that case Rose, let me answer a question.”

“Not a problem Dewy, knock yourself out.”

“Good morning, this is Dewy Knickers here, roving reporter for HBNN and the ‘Voice Of Reason‘. Being that it’s Friday, it’s time for another edition of ‘Friday’s Mailbag‘.

Dear Dewy,

I’ve been a real good girl this year and mommy says I can have whatever I want. I was thinking a 36 inch plasma television, or maybe a pony. What do you think I should ask Santa for?

Madison Kortney Fortney

“That’s an excellent question Madison. First of all, the television sounds good, but make sure your local cable or satellite provider offers HD channels and DVR capability. Also, stereo surround sound and input from your laptop for playing games and videos is a must. The pony on the other hand? Well, it eats and poops and although riding sounds like a lot of fun, you know who will be on your butt every day to take care of the mess. My advice, hold out for the TV.”

Dewy Knickers signing off. 😀