Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend. 😀 No, no action, but plenty of activities. Mainly writing of course, and research. I’m starting with a list of five agents to send a query letter with information about my book. It’s not ready yet, the book, because I am still working with friends who are helping me with the edits. The query letter itself is taking shape and I am quite pleased with the present format. It’s a challenge to write a single business size page and include enough information to be captivating but not over the top.

Who me? Perish the thought. 😉

As my book is non-fiction, I also need to have a complete proposal ready to submit with the manuscript to an agent and/or publisher. That is the most important part, because the proposal will be used to gauge interest in the book. It’s hard to put “Knickers Abroad” into a category though. It is narrative travel, but is it also mental health? Self-discovery? All of the above? What publishers want is something that will sell and make them money. I know my book will sell, but it’s not something that fits neatly into a tidy box.

I have other options, self-publishing for one and submitting the manuscript to publishing houses that accept unsolicited works. In many ways, that is an even more tedious path than searching for the right agent. Every book about agents tells you not to use the internet as your first source, but unless you live next a big library or have numerous bookstores around, the internet can be very useful.

In between writing and pondering, we watched all the pro football games together. It was very nice to be a family and simply relax and have fun. I don’t know where I’ll wind up with my query, but I know that at home, I am loved and respected.




12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. rose… you have a definite “hook”,, i don’t know of any multiples that are writing about anything but being a multiple… all you need is an agent that can identify and target a market for you… i don’t know all the ins and outs,, but i do know you ave something going for you none of us do… use it!!!!

  2. I cannot wait until you publish your book! If I know you, it’s gonna be a hit, and who cares if it “fits in the box”– it’s all about you, and that’s what matters! *hugs*

  3. Good morning Marcia. I meant in terms of being rejected by agents. Have to gird my loins you know. 😉

    Paisley, a hook indeed, but is it marketable? Only time will tell. Thanks for the shove on-stage.

    Claire, I’m not sure it rises to that level. Maybe I should send you the draft and you can tell me.

    Christy, no box is big enough for me! 🙂



  4. Rose Darling!

    What you need is an agent not afraid to take on the unusual, the new, the on-the-edge type material. Someone with imagination, a high spirited go-getter. We’ll find them. They are waiting for you!

    Football & pizza-pizza was really fun this past weekend and it continues this weekend!!! We’ll talk football food tonight, ok???

    Hugs & Smiles – D 🙂

  5. ((((((Diane)))))

    A work in progress. We’ll have a great time this weekend as well.


    If you were here, you must have thought you left a comment. Can’t wait to see what you think about the book.



  6. Hey nice to see more people doing the weekend roundups 🙂
    Came over here from Paisley’s..

    The book sounds really interesting, narrative travel is an interesting topic to many of us

  7. I’ve often thought of adopting a feminine pen name, especially for the writings I haven’t posted. I realize you are more than a psudonym, but what do you think about this? I write and feel what I write deeply. I can step into the female point of view quite easily, as I do with most points of view. I was just wondering.

    Of course, it would help if I were to submit my work period! I have sent out in five years, and haven’t been published in about as long. I have this nutty idea of getting better and better at my craft… I will be a student forever, as that is the best way to aproach anything one loves, I feel.

    Just a thought. Great post.

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