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“Hot and Spunky”

Must be driven to be truly appreciated

So quiet you can hear birds singing

An astounding two hundred miles per gallon

Rain forest wood veneers and rare pelts

Unlimited horsepower and warrantied for life

Room for an entire pee-wee soccer team

And enough cup holders for a case of beer

The all-new ‘Requiem’ by Detroit Motors

100% powered by hot air and bull shit

By Rose Dewy Knickers, March 30th, 2008

On a personal note, I didn’t participate last week in Brian and Diane’s vacation with Ann. It was my choice for reasons I won’t discuss, but I also don’t have a problem with being so quiet. I’ll probably be getting back into posting for various prompts soon if I feel like it. I’ve put my book aside for the time being as the longer I edit, the less I want to finish. I’ve pretty much given up reading blogs and commenting as well, but will try to answer emails. I say try, because I’ve decided to stop fussing about how little I get out. When I have something to write, I will and that may be only once a month.

Random Thoughts

Now sunbathing on the Writers Island are this weeks prompts. However neither of them really resonate with me this week. Probably because Ann arrived from England last night and shortly we will be going over to her hotel to commence our ten days of vacation. Just five short months ago we flew to London and stayed with Ann at her house for ten days. She is a wonderful friend and someone I admire very much.

I’ve been working off and on my book, I decided to stop fretting about the time it’s taking and enjoy the process. I’ve asked many of you for advice and I thank you all for your generosity and interest. The book is now the history of me, with the fifteen months leading up to the London trip setting the premise for the travel part of the book. I’ve also added the four months after the trip in a single chapter that explains what happened after I returned. Most of the material in the book has come from my blog because this blog is me. It’s my identity and my voice. I’ve removed nearly everything that I posted that is now in the book draft because it’s controversial in publishing. Is blogging publishing? I don’t think so, but many publishers do and won’t consider anything that has been published before.

In case you’ve been away from my blog recently, I’ve been posted at least once, sometimes twice a day for all the various writing prompts. I like writing and I like the way it helps me with my book to post poetry and stories. It makes me more real to myself and gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I haven’t been commenting very much or reading your posts, but that is price I pay for daring to write a book. I don’t know where my determination comes from, but I don’t look back and wonder. I simply keep writing.

When Brian was writing “Real Magic” and I was writing Cassie’s parts, he created a saying to motivate us.

“Don’t write the perfect novel…”

“Write the perfect word…”

“One word at a time…”

Have a great weekend and remember to tell them you love them.


Before I get into Sunday Scribblings this week, I wanted to inform everyone that Ann arrived safely in Florida last night. We picked her up at the airport and then returned to our area and the hotel she picked for 10 days. She was very tired, a ten hour flight combined with a very stressful week makes this a good time for her to relax and have a good time. We have very few firm plans because we want a vacation free of obligations.

“I Just Don’t Get It…”

how so many people can be so self-centered. Is it arrogance or fear that leads some to believe that everything in the world caters to them? This may be a generality however in the course of daily work, I see many people, young and old, male and female who expect to be feted and treated as if perfection themselves. How did this happen? How were they raised as children to believe that they are superior to everyone they meet? I don’t just get it.

Being humble is not about being meek or downtrodden. In fact meek originally meant more in the sense of pious and gentle than in being awkward or shy. Being self-confident does not have to mean being rude and condescending but rather should mean being compassionate and understanding to others. Being right is not a goal nor a way to punish those less perfect than thou. Look beyond the boundaries of your life and ask yourself what can I do to make the world a better place. None of us as individuals can change everything, but all of us can at least treat others with a bit of respect.


The weekly prompt at Two For Tuesdays is Plain and/or Fits.

Good morning everyone, this is Dewy Knickers here with another edition of ‘The Voice Of Reason’. It’s time for some plain talk about the economy. Seeing as our leadership won’t face the facts and say the word recession, I will. Whether or not the current economic activity fits the definition of a recession is a moot point. The core inflation rate in the United States is increasing every month. The main factors are the rising cost of energy, specifically the cost of oil, the rising cost of food and the falling value of the dollar.

Every time the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates in an effort to loosen credit, the dollar gets fits. The dollar is worth less, because investments will seek higher returns elsewhere. It’s plain that this will not work to stimulate growth because of the expanding mortgage and equity crisis. Cheap credit by itself is always good for an economy, except when that credit can not be repaid. There is plenty of liquidity available but lenders are unwilling to make new loans to anyone across the board. By continuing to force interest rates lower, the Fed is causing inflation. Why? Because the United States has the largest trade deficit in the world – equal to the rest of the world’s deficit combined – and every time the interest rate goes down, the dollar falls in value to other currencies.

This fits with the model of high inflation since over 2/3rds of the American economy is based on consumption of goods and services. A weaker dollar equals more expensive imported goods. More expensive imported oil equals higher energy prices. Higher energy prices mean higher food prices and anything that is transported to market; which means everything. The more the cost of living goes up, the more employees need to be paid. Inflation is curbed by higher interest rates, less demand and higher unemployment. The less consumers spend, the less demand and the less upward pressure on prices. The less consumer spending, the more stores that will close and the more unemployed there will be. The only bright spot is exports, but only a small percentage of the workforce is employed by companies that export goods.

The plain truth is that American consumers have mortgaged their futures. We have bought so much foreign oil and so many foreign goods on credit, that we no longer have the ability to spend our way to prosperity. That credit is being bought up not by Americans or by the American governments, but by the very countries we purchase from. We send weak dollars overseas to buy toys, oil and automobiles and in return, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and all the others send those dollars back to buy the Federal Government’s debt. In other words, the money the Federal Reserve prints to pay for the U.S military is not supported by incoming taxes but by consumer spending on imported goods. The global economy fits into a neat circle, a circle that may soon be shattered by an American recession.

This has been Dewy Knickers for HBNN, I am the ‘Voice Of Reason’.