This week’s haiku prompt at One Single Impression is ‘Circle’.

anonymous text

mocking laughter spreads hatred

what purpose your life 


19 thoughts on “Karma

  1. If only all of us understood that.

    A few I find are so self-centred that they do not even understand the simplest of philosophy. I do not think that if it is my life, what I do with it should not concern others. It does not work that way, does it?

    But what do you with people who have closed minds?

    Whew! I am going on and on…

  2. i believe the key to this is in the final line… what kind of an unfulfilling life must one have in order to propel them into the cyber world and there seek to stir shit anonymously… i have to be happy that i have never been that miserable…..

  3. This poem should be posted in schools, or discussed in schools. Something. Nobody there seems to know! Succintly written.

  4. Hello Sandy. When I read the prompt, I thought of the circle of friends that blog.


    Indeed, to have no life but hate is very sad.

    Mee, thank you. I am flattered.

    Hi Kane, thank you.



  5. you are so good at this;
    philosophising in so few
    words, yet enough to
    make one sit up and take

    Rose, people who do that
    need to get a life!

  6. Very intense and thoughtful. I just wrote a diatribe (not a very good one) on xenophobia for my post today. You have said much in so few words. Well done.

  7. do you know what came to mind after reading your powerful haiku? Blog comments that arent nice sometimes, even spammers…

    I think you captured this so well.

  8. Welcome Krissie, that’s what I was aiming for.

    Welcome Wine, I don’t mind anonymous comments exactly, it’s the notion that because it’s on the computer and not in person, you can be nasty and hateful with no consequences.



  9. ohhh, i was gonna add 2cents worth but willthink4wine expresses so well im gonna say ditto…. how does one get to that place of anonymous filled up anger…

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