Random Thoughts

Now sunbathing on the Writers Island are this weeks prompts. However neither of them really resonate with me this week. Probably because Ann arrived from England last night and shortly we will be going over to her hotel to commence our ten days of vacation. Just five short months ago we flew to London and stayed with Ann at her house for ten days. She is a wonderful friend and someone I admire very much.

I’ve been working off and on my book, I decided to stop fretting about the time it’s taking and enjoy the process. I’ve asked many of you for advice and I thank you all for your generosity and interest. The book is now the history of me, with the fifteen months leading up to the London trip setting the premise for the travel part of the book. I’ve also added the four months after the trip in a single chapter that explains what happened after I returned. Most of the material in the book has come from my blog because this blog is me. It’s my identity and my voice. I’ve removed nearly everything that I posted that is now in the book draft because it’s controversial in publishing. Is blogging publishing? I don’t think so, but many publishers do and won’t consider anything that has been published before.

In case you’ve been away from my blog recently, I’ve been posted at least once, sometimes twice a day for all the various writing prompts. I like writing and I like the way it helps me with my book to post poetry and stories. It makes me more real to myself and gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I haven’t been commenting very much or reading your posts, but that is price I pay for daring to write a book. I don’t know where my determination comes from, but I don’t look back and wonder. I simply keep writing.

When Brian was writing “Real Magic” and I was writing Cassie’s parts, he created a saying to motivate us.

“Don’t write the perfect novel…”

“Write the perfect word…”

“One word at a time…”

Have a great weekend and remember to tell them you love them.


12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I cannot tell you how excited I am that you added all that to your book… that is what will make it a best seller rather than just a great book!!! I’m lining up at the doorstep to read it. (Was anyway, but now I may just shove aside all who get there first, grin.)

    Enjoy your special week!

  2. ((Hi Rose!)) Gosh I’ve missed a lot, but I’m catching up. It was a rough week for me. How lucky you are to have Ann visiting in Florida. You know, she was my first ever blog friend and has the best heart. It really comes through in her writing. I wish you all a fabo vacation!

  3. I’m so proud of you! You’re right to take the time to *really* enjoy writing! It’s not about how long or short of a time it takes, it’s how much fun you had in the process of writing it. Writing the perfect word is definitely more important than writing the perfect novel. Keep up the good work! leaving lots of hugs and love*

  4. hey there’s a little gift awaiting you at my site, hope you will like it…i havent had a chance to read your older posts, but hope to be back..

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