Before I get into Sunday Scribblings this week, I wanted to inform everyone that Ann arrived safely in Florida last night. We picked her up at the airport and then returned to our area and the hotel she picked for 10 days. She was very tired, a ten hour flight combined with a very stressful week makes this a good time for her to relax and have a good time. We have very few firm plans because we want a vacation free of obligations.

“I Just Don’t Get It…”

how so many people can be so self-centered. Is it arrogance or fear that leads some to believe that everything in the world caters to them? This may be a generality however in the course of daily work, I see many people, young and old, male and female who expect to be feted and treated as if perfection themselves. How did this happen? How were they raised as children to believe that they are superior to everyone they meet? I don’t just get it.

Being humble is not about being meek or downtrodden. In fact meek originally meant more in the sense of pious and gentle than in being awkward or shy. Being self-confident does not have to mean being rude and condescending but rather should mean being compassionate and understanding to others. Being right is not a goal nor a way to punish those less perfect than thou. Look beyond the boundaries of your life and ask yourself what can I do to make the world a better place. None of us as individuals can change everything, but all of us can at least treat others with a bit of respect.


9 thoughts on “Self-Centered

  1. i so want to believe there is still hope… but a little voice inside me says… stay out of it… so i do… there are so many things running thru my mind that i don’t get… as of yet,, i have not even been able to put my finger on one or two that i could discuss without depressing myself….

    enjoy your visit with ann… we will be here when she has some and gone….

  2. yeppers, pay it forward sorta thingee… i agree meekness and humility is about making a way where there isn’t one.. it is much harder than people realize and does not reflect weakness at all… good post rose

  3. I believe I can pretty well pinpoint the time, beginning with the middle of February, 1941. Had I been more of a self-centered nature than I was at the time, the following thirty years and more would have yielded many more happy memories than those which with which I now live.

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