Back For Today

This week’s words at Two For Tuesdays are:




“Hot and Spunky”

Must be driven to be truly appreciated

So quiet you can hear birds singing

An astounding two hundred miles per gallon

Rain forest wood veneers and rare pelts

Unlimited horsepower and warrantied for life

Room for an entire pee-wee soccer team

And enough cup holders for a case of beer

The all-new ‘Requiem’ by Detroit Motors

100% powered by hot air and bull shit

By Rose Dewy Knickers, March 30th, 2008

On a personal note, I didn’t participate last week in Brian and Diane’s vacation with Ann. It was my choice for reasons I won’t discuss, but I also don’t have a problem with being so quiet. I’ll probably be getting back into posting for various prompts soon if I feel like it. I’ve put my book aside for the time being as the longer I edit, the less I want to finish. I’ve pretty much given up reading blogs and commenting as well, but will try to answer emails. I say try, because I’ve decided to stop fussing about how little I get out. When I have something to write, I will and that may be only once a month.


10 thoughts on “Back For Today

  1. well i am only concerned that you are ok with the changes… if you are happy i am happy…

    and don’t feel bad about the book thing… mine has been on the shelf all year,, and as far as i am concerned will stay there till i feel i can look at it with desire one again…

    you know i am here and i am thrilled with any moment i can spend in your “presence….”

  2. the last line of the Requiem’s virtues
    sounds like most of the guys I’ve been
    meeting lately…



    I missed you but thank you too…
    for reasons I won’t discuss either 😉

    I did want to finish reading your draft
    and wanted to bring it home with me
    but it vanished… when you’re ready
    please please please send it to me.

    Rose, have no doubt I shall be back and
    hopefully you’ll be back here with me too


  3. Rose, so many of us rarely know what to do when we are facing something serious, whether it affects only us or others… we just have to let it rest in our hearts and souls for a while and be alert for clues, I think.

    Hugs. May your heart and soul quiet enough to hear your clues from within.

  4. Rose-

    I like your poem a lot – but I am worried about you and Brian and Diane. Sending positive loving energy to all of you.



  5. Rose, you do whatever it takes for you to find what you need to be happy and at peace with yourself. Blog when you feel like blogging, and if you don’t? . . . Well, then, don’t. As simple as that. Whatever you do, don’t ever try to be all things to everybody because if you do, you may find yourself drained dry. It’s not worth it. If you can’t give us a daily slice of “cake”, crumbs now and then will do. With Love, Mary

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