When the rains falls on asphalt

May 23rd, 2008. Florida

Dear Diary,

Post #2

Sunday Scribblings asks about quitting. I have a question of my own for you diary. Why does quitting equate to weakness? It seems to me that life is a series of quitting. You can quit a job. You can quit a relationship. You can quit smoking. Yet all we ever hear is the importance of never giving up. To keep striving and reaching for that goal.

What exactly is the point diary? Why do all of us seek approval for our actions from others? Parents then teachers then bosses. What makes them have all the answers? Quitting and not reaching a goal should not always be a failure, but simply a realization that it’s time to move on to something else. Instead of telling someone to try harder and not quit, why not ask instead, what can you do? This business of everyone being successful no matter what the cost is illogical and unsustainable for any society. If you get up in the morning and decide to keep breathing then you are no quitter.

We just got back from seeing ‘Prince Caspian’ in the movie theater and it was mildly entertaining. What made it interesting is that all of the characters faced the same choice over and over again in the movie and with the exception of young Lucy, all of them made the same choice.

None of them could quit killing.

I think that’s sad.




12 thoughts on “When the rains falls on asphalt

  1. if you hang out long enough,, you will find a long list of things that make no sense.. mine grows longer every day.. no sense.. no logic.. no answers… such is life…. i am begining to believe it is this truth that makes organized religion and politics of so much importance to humans… they offer reasons,, controlling untruths… but reasons none the less…
    love you rose

  2. I’d argue to quit something out of noble cause is not quitting but empowering. Yes, we use the same word, but it’s different.
    Infact, it’s a contradiction. Sometimes you would be quitting on yourself by NOT quitting something.
    As for validation from others, this used to be the norm. We only see it as alien today because we’ve got this idea of individuality above all else, with nothing above the person.
    Now that’s a delusion I think we should quit.

  3. “a realization that it’s time to move on to something else”

    This is exactly how I feel about “quitting” most of the time. But then of course I let other people’s opinions get in the way.

    Great post!

  4. Agreed. We should quit when it’s time. However, most of the time, I’m not sure whether to quit is the right choice at that point of time. I guess quiting is a risk taking decision. Either way, we’re right:)

  5. I agree with you. Life is not about staying in the same place all the time. Things change, and sometimes what we’ve been doing is no longer a good fit, so we move on. But the word “quit” has such bad connotations, I don’t use it when I speak of something I’ve decided to leave behind. (See? Decide, choose, leave, move on… those are the words I use… not “quit”) Interesting post, Rose. Thanks.

  6. Girl, that was one of the most powerful posts I’ve ever read. I’m definitely going to keep a copy of this with me. You’re SO right. Quitting is so often considered a failure, and I’ve felt like a failure so many times for quitting things, instead of realizing that sometimes it’s a good thing, moving on when the time is right. Thanks so much for this post *hugs and much love*

  7. (((((Rose))))))

    Wise words. I remember years ago when No.1 son was so unhappy with a choice he had made; I encouraged him to leave but he said it made him feel a failure. I said it’s not being a failure to recognise that you made a mistake in your choice and it takes courage to walk away and start again

    I did the same thing after serving my community for 20 years… I quit, I left, I passed the reigns to the next generation; it was time to leave on a high note

    Sometimes people set themselves impossible targets to reach; ambition is great, but common sense should prevail. Quitting from situations that feel wrong and moving on to those that feel right is positive unless like me you fail so often you give up altogether… a very safe place to be!

    lotsa luv your deadloss sistah ann xxxxxx

  8. so sad when movies, especially for children are full of violence!
    Perhaps the violence portrayed in movies is not just a reflection of our culture, but also preparation to continue in a violent waring way. If we want things to change we must be brave enough to do so. Movies will continue this way as long as we pay to see them.

  9. I agree that quitting should not always be linked to weakness. Many times quitting takes more strength than just going along in the same way. I like to think that quitting is a doorway into another state of being.

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