The sun is bright

June 29th, 2008. Florida

Dear Diary #6,

Dragged myself out of my room this weekend and worked on ‘Knickers Abroad’, both a literary agent query letter and the manuscript itself. The letter is done now and after the July 4th holiday I will be sending it out. What’s next is to finish the proposal, since it’s a non-fiction book and contact the agency to make sure the agent targeted is still there. I’m starting at the top, no sense selling myself short, there are five agents on my short list. I’d be happy with any one of the five and they’re all top-notch agents from prominent agencies. I have to admit that reading the published authors listed at my first choice is intimidating, all famous people from all walks of life, but my journal is a good read and deserves the widest audience possible.

Paisley said something yesterday that really hit home, she said ‘I was on the cusp of finding my real purpose in life.’ I hope that’s true, my struggles with depression and fear have been very debilitating and, well, depressing. Perhaps I’m on the upswing, at least for this weekend. I’ve worked too hard on my books to throw everything away.




3 thoughts on “The sun is bright

  1. i always say every one serves a purpose.. and sometimes it is really hard to find out what that purpose is… i just feel that there is something here rose,, something that you need to say and the world needs to hear,, and i just know the time is at hand…

    just keep doing what you are doing,, and when the time is right it will be….


  2. Rose you know I’ve struggled with the same problem. I’ve found relief with medication, but everyone must find their own answers. It definitely sucks. I wish you the best of luck with your book.

  3. ((((((Rose))))))

    Paisley says “everyone serves a purpose”…

    I say to everything there is a purpose, although it mostly eludes me and only with hindsight do we realise it was ever there

    love ya sistah

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