To have and to hold


“The cry of gulls”

Cold, indifferent to the biting cold that January morn when the hiss of the sand scurrying lengthwise along the deserted beach gave lonely counterpoint to the cry of black-backed gulls wheeling overhead seeking a hand-out. Pressed trousers snapped and red slicker billowed, my body rocked slightly in the northwestern breeze spraying white foam and brine on my polished leather dress shoes; the dirt mingled with crabs and small fish gasping for breath until the next breaker washed them back into the froth. Waited for the pale light of winter’s sun to rise above the hills at my back to give reason for standing here all alone with only memories for company. Giving up, one by one, the gulls landed, wings flared upwind to take sentinel around my still figure. Silence, yellow beam touched the back of my neck as if her hand stroked me one last time. I closed my eyes and raised my arms; her last request I honored. “Pour my ashes in the sea my love; where we met and danced and made love so very long ago. Give me back to the sea my love; let that be my eternal rest.”

Rose Dewy Knickers, July 2nd, 2008


14 thoughts on “To have and to hold

  1. this was beautiful.. not sad at all but a way to pay homage to the wishes of someone you loved.. what more intimate way could there possibly be to honor them?????

    but don’t try it in California,, you’ll probably get arrested for disposing of toxic waste!!!!!

  2. As usual: a “word-perfect painting”. Nostalgic, heart rending, leaving me with a sense of sadness knowing, that when the time comes and my ashes, along with my husband’s, are finally scattered over the hills of Susquehanna, Pa., I will have been returned to a place from which I yearned to flee.

  3. wow… how did I miss this beautiful one?

    Rose, your writing is growing from strength to strength… there is much richness and maturity in your words

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