A Celebration of what’s Good in my life

July 4th, 2008. Florida

Dear Diary #7,

I am once more on the mend and writing and taking an interest in my life. At the Writers Island Rob has chosen to no longer provide Friday prompts in order to focus on family and writing. In ‘Celebration’ though and with Brian’s prompt asking to write about something ‘Good’ I am posting my agent query letter that I will be sending off next week. Have a great weekend everyone and hug someone you love.



Dear ___________,

My name is Rose and “Knickers Abroad; a multiple journey” is unlike any book in the current marketplace, introducing an exciting new voice for today’s busy world. After reading your bio on Publishers Marketplace and your __________ at ____________________, I feel that my story suits your particular requirements. To say that my first book is unusual and unexpected would be a vast understatement. I offer an experience that is not only compelling and unique, but is a distinct view of the world extending a fascinating rebuttal of the prevailing wisdom. I hope that you will be as optimistic as I am about this exciting opportunity.

At 72,000 words this book is an engaging non-fiction, illustrated narrative account of my awakening as a separate individual culminating in an unusual ten-day trip from Florida to London and Paris. An intriguing journey through the wonders of the mind, “Knickers Abroad” reveals a moving and mysterious process as a middle-aged man slowly discovers the other people living inside him, the strongest being an opinionated, sassy, curious and forthright woman calling herself Dewy Knickers. Her bold voice and desire to connect with other women through her writings is the focus of my personal journal and the source of conflict between what she wants and what she can have.

With his sudden realization that Rose Dewy Knickers is in fact a real woman, despite the resultant inner turmoil and confusion, he never once wavers from his strong convictions. His complete acceptance of my right to exist as a woman in a man’s body allows me the opportunity to live as a separate individual and to seek my destiny wherever it may take me. Everyone will be able to relate to our modern holiday abroad, even with the rather unusual travelers — Brian, an author and poet, Diane his wife of twenty years and Rose, a multiple personality within Brian. The story of three souls in two bodies definitely makes the book different but the informative prose makes it worth publishing.

Piecing together memories with deeply personal stories and poetry gives a raw insight into the life of a multiple personality struggling to discover her place in the world of the supposed normal. My voice is not his, yet existing in his shadow is frequently discouraging when my self-doubts and guilt force a retreat deep inside the darkness. The numerous friends I have met through my blog are my legacy; they continue to support me emotionally and urge me to reach for my dreams. Meeting friends in person showcases the strong and real connections created amongst women worldwide through the cultural phenomenon of blogging and networking. The ability to communicate my personal point of view, especially without a body of my own; that sets this book apart from any other.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and sample chapter and I hope you are as excited about it as I am. I look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to send your agency the complete manuscript and marketing proposal.


Rose Dewy Knickers


12 thoughts on “A Celebration of what’s Good in my life

  1. I’ll be working on my draft this weekend, editing never really ends and my marketing proposal. Diane and I are going out to lunch tomorrow (after Brian and I watch the Tour de France) and maybe a movie.

    Thanks to all of you out there who have never stopped seeing the good in me.



  2. i so feel the time is right for you and that you have a voice that is just aching to be heard… you know i am behind you in every effort,, and will be beside you all the way!!!!


  3. I am blown away, Rose. Best, absolutely BEST of luck to you with your book. Who knows? We may both soon be in the same situation: sitting back and relaxing while our books are being published and sold.
    Who am I kidding? I’ve already got two more started solo…and my partner has a zillion more ideas for our awesome pair of detectives 🙂
    Love ya so much, sweetie!

  4. Every now an then I am reminded of just how lucky I am to have reached old age, sound of mind and with a body that’s still in a reasonably good shape. Since being introduced to blogging by one of my grandsons—among my other blogger-friends—Rose Dewy knickers is high on the list of my many little daily blessings.

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