Weekend spent Burning up the keyboard

July 7th, 2008 Florida.

Dear Diary #8,

It’s a Manic Monday with a stripe prompt. It’s certainly qualifies for a manic three day weekend for me. Friday I worked on my “Knickers Abroad” draft, all told another three complete edits this weekend and I’m over 73,000 words now. The action really started on Saturday though. The Tour de France rolled off at 8:30 am on VERSUS and we were all keenly watching the action, while at commercial breaks, I was back on the computer writing. Once Stage 1 finished as planned I took Diane out to lunch. The thing was that Diane didn’t feel like driving and I decided it was about time I took the wheel. Did you know that the yellow and white stripe on the road means something?

Just kidding, the speed limit in our community is only 35 mph at the highest so I was very careful. Had a great brunch, had a chicken crepe, as you know Brian is a vegetarian but I’m not. (If you’re new here now would be a good time to read my banner and pages.) After lunch I drove to a bookstore were I was looking for comparable and competing books to my manuscript. Didn’t really find many when we got back home safe and sound, I went online to find some books. Spent the rest of Saturday writing up until dinnertime. Sunday was more of the same, the Tour in the morning and writing in the afternoon. I finished my book proposal which is needed for all non-fiction projects and I am ready to send off the agent query letter this week.

Ann called after dinner and we chatted for a bit. I told her that Brian felt great all weekend with me being out front and in control. I’ve known since the beginning that his CFS doesn’t affect me, but he told me each evening that it felt like he’d been asleep all day. I also mentioned to Ann another concept of multiple personalities I’d been thinking about for the last two years. If brain scans of female and male brains are different, could our brain show distinct and verifiable differences when Brian does specific activities as compared to when I do the same activities? Would that prove that multiple personalities are real? Something to ponder instead of lashing stripes on the backs of those that don’t fit the norms.

Not that any of you do that, I’m just saying. 🙂




5 thoughts on “Weekend spent Burning up the keyboard

  1. I’ll tell you what, Rose, if you ever figure out what a ‘norm’ is, let me know 🙂
    As I see it, a norm is just a fiction which used to serve the purpose of providing good manners and behaviour whilst out in public.
    It led to a genteel society, which was a good thing, but as soon as those ‘normal’ people got home, it all became rather abnormal 🙂

  2. I think Anthony is quite right about what is norm, but his comment brought a smile to my face… think I’d better email the rest of my comment 😆

  3. well numero uno.. i need no proof..

    numero dos,, i think driving had to be a trip…

    numero tres,,,, send the damn thing out!!!!! someone is hungry for it… we just need to find out who…..

  4. ” . . . stripes on the back to those who don’t “fit the norm.” Rose, I’m with those who ask, ‘What is the norm?” If you aren’t normal, than damn few of us know what “normal” really means.

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