Relaxing is an art form

For the Rockin’ Chair Writers prompt this week, prompt B asks: “When you seek out entertainment to relax what gives you the most pleasure?”

For me it has to be going to a movie. I usually pick the movie we wind up seeing and we have two theaters locally that show different movies in each location; thus having between 14-16 choices. We don’t go that often, about once a month and I try to pick something that most of us will enjoy. Recent movies include “Enchanted”, “Cloverfield”, “Ironman”, “King Fu Panda” and “Prince Caspian”. (All but the last I enjoyed very much.)

The why is more interesting. Bernard, – for those of you following at home – was in charge of our body from roughly 11 to 22 years of age. Of course he went by Brian, but Brian today is not the Brian of then. *shakes head* That’s why we don’t spend too much time dwelling on the past, it just gets you mixed up inside. In any event, Bernard was a connoisseur and studied the craft of film making by watching the lighting, the continuity and the acting among other things. Being a loner however and unable to make friends he also latched onto the hero worship of entertainment. “Star Wars” in 1977 he watched at least 17 times in the theater and was able to identify all the myths and legends used because of the thousands of books he’d already read by the age of 14.

What I like is a good story with pace and drama. The acting is not as important to me, because a bad movie can still be beautiful, can still tell a story in a relaxing tone. Of the five movies listed above the one that gave me the most pleasure would be “Enchanted”, not only because of acting and the singing but because of the story. The story is age old as I wrote in this review but I watched it again on our computer DVD player recently and felt just as relaxed as the first time. The story is deep but light as well and it rarely strays from telling it in a fun and pleasurable way.

So there you have my take on entertainment. Give me a good story in a movie and I’m all yours.




7 thoughts on “Relaxing is an art form

  1. Reading and writing poetry, Rose. Why?

    Seriously though, listening to music has to be my number one choice for relaxing. Good Motown sounds with a glass of something and a new poet in my hands, a recent book, and the sound of the poems speaking above the music. That does it for me. It can be better than a… *cough*… climax.

    BTW, my son wants to see Prince Caspian. Is it that bad?

    I have been gone a long time. Work. Job change. And suddenly it’s time to go on holiday.

    I’ll be back.

  2. I suppose, after reading, I like watching films, too. But my favourite period is undoubtedly the 1940s, British and American.
    Pre-special effects, there HAD to be a story. Storytelling is being lost nowadays, though.

  3. movies sound good to me; we’ll have to take one in together when I see you at the end of the year

    love you my sassy sistah

    ann xxxxxxxxx

  4. Yeah, movies are a good way to relax, I used to go to the big football (soccer) games here in Manchester but the way my team’s playing these days it’s become quite stressful.

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