To be part of the game

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Over at Write On Wednesday the question today is this:

“How about you? How do you cultivate creativity in your life? Have you found the things that make you come alive? Are you doing them? Shouldn’t you be?”

“Good morning everyone, this is Dewy Knickers for HBNN – Hysterical Bloggers News Network – and our motto remains, ‘No Problem Too Small To Hype’. Today I am preparing my world famous rounded assets for the long flight to Beijing, China and the Summer Olympic Games opening on August 8th, 2008. I very nearly couldn’t go because my visa was delayed however when it was pointed out to the Chinese that an Olympics without Dewy Knickers reporting would be stir fried noodles without MSG, the visa arrived promptly. The question on all journalists minds is whether China will respect the IOC Charter and the promises made when winning the right to host the Games. Early arrivals have not omitted from reporting that internet access in the International Broadcasting Center is being blocked to certain websites and keywords. In addition, the agreement to allow foreign reporters free access to civilians and everyday life around the host venues is apparently going to be a moot point. Many clubs, restaurants and other independent businesses in Beijing are being ordered to close down, most for obscure permit and license violations. The locals hope these restrictions are only temporary as will be the heavy security presence. In the best of times most foreigners are observed if not escorted everywhere they travel in China, it is a certainty that all journalists will be followed and residents closely watched and monitored. China’s government is trying to keep the focus on the Games and nothing else. It is a huge gamble for a country that has enormous challenges ahead in terms of economic growth, population, corruption, pollution and the divide between rich and poor. In many ways China today resembles the unfettered Industrial Revolution when workers rights and the environment gave way to profits. The shuttering of many factories upwind of Beijing along with strict vehicular traffic controls have made an impact on the heavy cover of pollutants that normally coat Beijing, but it appears that the weather will play the major role in keeping the skies clean. Without rain and a steady wind the smog will not be completely gone by the Opening Ceremonies. It is important for the world to view China not as they wish to be seen, but as a country with vast potential to create positive change. The issues facing China are very similar to those in other leading countries and the globalization of finance and trade are teaching the West a harsh lesson in economics. If we accept the Summer Olympic Games in the spirit of friendly competition, then perhaps other vital problems facing the world will receive the attention needed. This has been Dewy Knickers, ‘The Voice of Reason’ reporting for HBNN.”

Dewy Knickers is part of me, Rose, and the part that is most ‘alive’. She sees the world as unlimited and exciting. Her persona is challenging, questioning and forthright. It is always a creative opportunity to write as Dewy because she loves facts and figures. She also loves the entire concept of being someplace else, someplace real and pretending to walk the streets and breathe the air. There are after all no restrictions on imagination.

For myself, life is an interesting concept. Seeing and experiencing the world through other eyes and emotions has made me realize that being alive is not what most people have thought. To be creative is in the mind, in the personality and my creativity is firmly focused on writing. I would like to expand my interests though into visual arts, like pottery or sculpture. Time as always is the final factor in our lives.




15 thoughts on “To be part of the game

  1. I look forward to reading your posts from China. But Rose, be careful. For several months now I have had this uneasy feeling that something bad is going to happen at the Olympics this year. There have been so many riots and protests – maybe I’m just a “nervous nelly”!

  2. Rose, I loved that assessment, although I think China is a long way from being the global power it expects to be. As the poor see too much wealth, industrial and social actions will seriously stunt its growth. And if it follows the usual pattern of Chinese history, the whole entity will collapse, until another bureaucracy with a power-crazed idea surfaces.

    As for the Olympics themselves, I’m looking forward to seeing the Tibetan 100 metres, the Tibetan Marathon, the Tibetan High Jump, the Tibetan Decathalon, the Tib ….

  3. Do tell what the hosts give away free to the (unwashed) journalistic masses. In Italy in 2006, we got a backpack and booze. great stuff.

  4. not being a sports enthusiast,, i am ever so thankful to know that you will be there making the blogging presence known… and as far as i am concerned there is no one better at presenting the “face’ of the blogging community to the chinese than the one the only the succulent…. dewy knickers…..

  5. when it was pointed out to the Chinese that an Olympics without Dewy Knickers reporting would be stir fried noodles without MSG, the visa arrived promptly.


    That was hilarious Rose.

    I was watching some of the news while working out last night, and saw all the reports of the smog, etc., that are still plaguing Beijing, and how they promise to have it cleaned up in time for the Olympics. Um, just how are you going to manage that in a few days time, folks? Shutting things down isn’t going to totally take care of the damage. Can’t wait to hear your take on it.

  6. Thanks everyone. I hadn’t planned on doing more reports, this was a one-off, but maybe Dewy can pop in a couple of times.

    Y’all do understand that we’re not actually going to Beijing? Dewy is going in spirit only.



  7. full of merriment as always… i wish you a wonderful life filled with flashing, funny, female fantastic frolicking fun… ps, also look 4ward to those reports from the other side of the world.. it is impossible not to wonder at China’s coming out debutante party to show off her new colors… from weather to politics to blue skies… i can only imagine..

  8. OK I thought that and then I read the comments and…

    Life is short yes, but days are long.

    I’m planning on buying a house so that I can have room for people to visit, my three best friends can have 3 houses and an apartment and live communally when we feel like when get old and so that I can begin painting and doing things other than just writing. As much as I love writing I need to expand. I discovered photography and love it–now more

    Glad you’re at that space too

  9. for goodness sake, I can’t keep up, when did you start blogging again and why the heck didn’t you say so…..okay, back on the blogrolly you go *grin*.

  10. What a gorgeous, spikey post!

    For me, your greatest call was ” In many ways China today resembles the unfettered Industrial Revolution…”

    Please report some more on Beijing!

  11. I think China’s “new clothes” will proved to made of the same material the emperor’s were ….

    Brian sent me. I think he wanted me to follow the writing prompt. I am too swamped t follow anything and want nothing more than a couple more hours alone with my pillow. Isn’t gonna happen though ….

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