Beyond reason lies contentment



August 20th, 2008. Florida

Dear Diary #10,

Back into habit I slide, settle for what is now and not what might be. Posting on my blog once or maybe twice a week I am not bored; not content exactly despite my justifications. A tiny sliver of life and experiences many such as I have never had does not mean a separate existence. But then again who knows what will happen tomorrow for I do want to be her.




13 thoughts on “Beyond reason lies contentment

  1. Those words seem to evoke your mood so well and oh boy let me tell you I was not ready for who this dame could be, since I too often feel like being someone I’m not so I clicked on the link saw the video and geez _ i WOULDN’T mind being her either!!!!! She seems to have a good thing going … but on second thought -you know what – it might not be all its cracked up to be – a bit mor action would be great. LOL Everytime I come here you make me smile and laugh – Rose you make me feel so happy to be back on the net after summer hiatus! Thank you!
    My 3ww is entitled – Old habots Die hard, O know I kill Them
    Let me know what you thinnk!

  2. damn the typos- I meant
    Old Habits Die Hard, I know I kill them – but my typo title had potential I could have written about habits that are bots like advanced techy things with wires!:-)

  3. I think we are all “settled” and not necessary exactly where we want to be. And for awhile, we all just do what we do to get by…

  4. Tomorrows opportunities standing back that is all we have to live for, taking the elements of the past and using them on the canvas of the future, to paint a brighter day. Through the suffering of yesterday we produce great works for tomorrow that hang side by side in the gallery of life.
    Learning to live, to understand and accept who we are I guess are important lessons in life, then stepping up to the plate and drinking from the font of tomorrow, strong and well. Freedom, and freedom of understanding challenging what is, for what should be!

  5. you have lots of qualities of life we don’t have,, and never could… just as we have qualities of life you don’t have and never will… believe me,, i am of the school of thought that says neither is what they are cracked up to be…

    take what you can get and run with it… how else will you ever find out where you are going?????

  6. Hello there you………yes I agree with Paisley, take what you can and run. But I got to wonder about ‘her’……..does she want to be her?


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