And it’s low calorie too

Three Word Wednesday


Market day in Bumhampton-Upon-Stroke was every third Friday, not the Farmer’s Market that was every Saturday, but the Vendor’s Market where baubles and trinkets from all corners of the known world could be had for the right price. Traders and tinkers, merchants and whores, beggars and gentry, nobility and thieves – as if there is a difference – all competed with zest for the coin and barter of the throngs. For Lord Bumhampton he was looking for… well, not ‘gifts’ precisely for his servants, but more of implements that would dissolve certain recalcitrant behaviors on the part of anyone who fancied herself a princess. Such was the hard life of his Lordship, it was enough to make him pull out his hair and howl at the moon like a wolf.

By Rose Dewy Knickers, September 24th, 2008


13 thoughts on “And it’s low calorie too

  1. men have been trying to buy obedience since time began… when are they gonna figure out it is something that can be more or less earned????

    good to see you here love… got the update email,,, and i am keeping a wide eye on the bawdy one and you over here as well……

    much love…


  2. Rose, good to see you haven’t lost your touch. I didn’t know you were writing again. Welcome back. I hope Bumhampton can find that perfect gift soon. Pleasing women can be a trying job. Have a nice day.

  3. you have such a way with words; you make me die laughing Rose 😉

    … and am I supposed to feel sorry for his lordship?

    … nah 😆

  4. My favorite line is “Traders and tinkers, merchants and whores, beggars and gentry, nobility and thieves – as if there is a difference…”

    Very insightful. Very funny. I enjoyed it!

  5. Rose, not sure If I should have finished your story with a chuckle or a tear. It brought back a memory. Our dairyfarm was, every Tuesday and Friday, my sole responsibility throughout the day. This particular day must have been especially trying because, when my husband came home late one evening from his butter, egg, chicken and breakfast-meat route, and brought several gifts into the house, I cried out, “You can’t buy me!” What I really needed that day was a sturdy hired hand in the barn while I remained in the house caring for our small daughter.

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