Three Word Wednesday


With deliberate calm Rose had sauntered towards the infatuated couple reclining on the park bench. Young, healthy, their vibrant blood would nourish her will for another night of pleasure and pain. Or would have had he not chosen to intervene and warn them to run. They had not believed until his fangs glinted in the full moonlight and heard her promises of ultimate bliss. For this night Rose would let them go and instead seek him as he tried to lure her back to his side once again.

By Rose Dewy Knickers, October 1st, 2008


8 thoughts on “Longing

  1. As it always was and will be Rose, wonderful. I had a visitor that came from your site today. I don’t see a hyperlink so I am curiuos how and why that jump was made. Well anyways, glad to see things are well. I am up and at it again for now. Stay sweet.

  2. Are you watching TOO much True Blood??
    I am dreaming about vampires because of that show and NOW your story!! haha
    great job!

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