Politics of Revenge

Three Word Wednesday


To listen to the financial experts making money is effortless. All it takes is leverage and a willing party to buy the investment you’ve created out of nothing. Nothing that is but the jobs and homes of those workers who are now unemployed and in foreclosure. It is tempting to be vindictive and punish those who created the economic crisis that currently is engulfing the world. But before you thrash the politicians, the regulators, the speculators and the bankers for the excesses being revealed on a daily basis, remember that the consumer has a role in this as well. Cheap credit once again became license to spend far beyond most workers means and gave reason for companies to flood stores with goods. With credit now drying up both companies and consumers are faced with the stark realization that spending must shrink dramatically and therefore so must lifestyles. Before you launch into this year’s politics of revenge look first to your neighbors and friends and help where you can.




9 thoughts on “Politics of Revenge

  1. What a great post on life’s ever increasing problems. You’re right. Pointing fingers doesn’t help the situation at all. Hopefully everyone can find a way to help each other through this crisis. If not… well, I hate to go there. Have a nice day.

  2. ((((Rose))))

    this is excellent Rose… reminds me of the blitz (not that I was there, only what I’ve been told :))… as you say if ever there was a time to help, now is it

  3. So true. I hear the bells of scapegoating all around, of people trying to point the fingers they used to wield their own credit cards. I agree that it’s time to say the buck stops here and move forward with solutions. Great post!

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