Appearances can be deceiving

Three Word Wednesday

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With heavy heart did he wave goodbye to his lover. Delicate as the first crocus of winter and dark as the wind-whipped seas, he could not allow his feelings to overwhelm his jaded view of life.


14 thoughts on “Appearances can be deceiving

  1. Those warm thoughts of their warm skin, intertwined in bed, softened his resolve. To accept his duty, a hardened heart was required. He reasoned the slight well of tears to a bracing breeze.

  2. Her quiet resolve was his undoing. Almost. He picked up his discarded clothes. Dressed himself with deliberate movements and walked out closing the door firmly behind him. He leaned on the door but only for a moment and

  3. taking his seat on the train he could not help but to wonder but only briefly, caught in a sticky web of delight was not his cup of cold tea… thaz a great post rose!

  4. I assumed his lover was male. I enjoyed this. Crocus is a hardy plant isn’t it and ‘and dark as whipped- wind seas’ oozes masculinity to me. Love the contradictory pairings. I interpreted ‘delicate’ as irony.

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