I have some ideas


Dear friends,

I am doing well, honestly I am. There is no guilt from me about blogging here so infrequently. I continue to contact literary agents and continue to be rejected. That doesn’t bother me at all. I want someone who believes in me and my talent, not all sound and fury. I have one more top agency to contact and then I will switch to self-publishing for “Knickers Abroad”. It’s been thirteen months since we returned from the trip and I’ve edited the draft at least forty times already. Still not satisfied with the ending, but since it’s my story, there is a lot to be thankful for in my life. I will keep y’all updated as I progress in my writing career. I’ve sent in short stories to several journals and contests and I’ll be on the prowl for interesting ideas.




7 thoughts on “I have some ideas

  1. Self-publishing isn’t that bad – I’ve been pleased with mine and it’s sure a nifty way to hang on to control. Good luck, whichever you decide! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. their loss my darling,, as i have read it and i know you put your heart and soul into it…

    here’s to hoping brian lets you get a piece of “bird” on this thanksgiving holiday!!!!!!

  3. Rose, I’ve been a member of a creative writing group since the Fall of 1989 and throughout the years, I’ve known but one member who was successful outside of this immediate area, and that was with but one book, his first book whose topic was of interest to the entire Philadelphia, Scranton/WillkesBarre, PA. area some tales of the mafia and the long-time interest of the people of that area in pigeon shooting. Not sure, but I believe it might have been due to the author having the necessary funds and the time to promote his book. While you are waiting for recognition which I hope will be yours, keep writing for the pure pleasure of it.

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