A cold day

Three Word Wednesday

3ww12 Welcome to 3WW, a writer’s prompt that lasts a whole week. Take the words proved, write something with them, then come back and leave a link. Please go out and see what others have created, comment, criticize. And no, if you don’t get something up on Wednesday, you’re never penalized. Just contribute something before the next three words go up.

And those three new words are:


“Between the Pink Elephant and the Padded Room”

Before I went crazy everyone said I was normal. Which goes to show that nobody knows nothing about anything. It’s understandable that your mother believes the best except when she’s drinking and whoring around because your father beats her and then goes out brawling so that the sheriff calls the next morning looking for bail money and instead gets a blow job as a forfeit even though your mother has two black eyes. She’s tells you to get out so off you go to school not to learn but to escape the weight of the knowledge that soon it will be your turn even though you’re only nine years old because everyone knows there is no justice for trash like you.

Want to know why kids like me start drinking, doing drugs and fucking so young? It’s not because we go out seeking a tryst for the thrill of defying society – that’s what the rich kids do when they’re bored – it’s because if we don’t hurt ourselves first, then someone else will and there’s nothing worse than being helpless to stop the abuse. It’s sick and twisted the way morality is worshiped by those who lack the capacity and compassion to understand that survival trumps all laws. Feeling so superior and smug they entwine platitudes and slogans with prisons and institutions. The fact that my facade passed for ‘normal’ for so long should be celebrated not condemned. The right to abuse myself is the only thing I have left of my own.

By Rose D. Kaye, January 14th, 2009


14 thoughts on “A cold day

  1. We’ve missed you around 3WW the last few weeks. This is, by far, the best post I’ve read of yours. Gritty and grim, yes, but it drips truth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow…I just had an argument today with one of those “superior and smug” ones…who thought a child acting-out from pain and abuse was just having a temper tantrum.

    Thanks for this–I needed it!

  3. The last sentence is it. Encore and bravo, baby. It’s been awhile since I’ve been around here and you ain’t lost nothin’, or anything for that matter : )

  4. Thanks Anthony, Angie and Miss for your comments and reading deeper into the story.

    Also sorry that all the comments are getting spammed but I am approving them as I find them.



  5. oh – this – is – dark… I would add though that the subject also has the right to break the mould and love themselves

    a brilliant piece sistah and glad to see you back posting (which is more than I seem to be doing)

    lotsa luv annie xoxoxox

  6. this is so right on… i have made a life of hurting myself before you could hurt me,,, or causing you to huurt me when i needed to be hurt,, not because you chose to…. i don’t know what we ever really do about that… live with it,, and try to stay away from other people that’s what i do……

  7. love it… a reflection of life underneath… it’s almost too close for me… and can relate in so many ways… staying outta the pink house… instead my room is pink.. haha.. gotta laugh and let it all go… drinking and going crazy only takes one so far… letting the demons win is not an option for me… yes, writing helps in bits and pieces.. tanks rosey for makin me turn and remember….

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