The twilight

This is a fictional story for the Sunday Scribblings prompt ‘Regrets’.

Being of sound mind and body I hereby bequeath all my worldly assets to the following:

The Sansbore Foundation

That’s it. They get it all. The only regrets I have, are that I lacked the courage to tell all of you to your faces how much I loathed spending my ‘Golden Years’ being abused by my loving family. They say you can’t take it with you, but I can make sure you get nothing. And don’t try to sue to overturn the will, it won’t work and you’ll regret going up against my lawyers. So for the last time….

Bugger Off!

By Rose D. Kaye, January 30th, 2009


6 thoughts on “The twilight

  1. This left a big lump in my throat. I look after my Mum and it is not easy. I do get impatient and annoyed at her but god forbid I don’t think I abuse her, it is more the other way around.

  2. Yes, I’ve regrets, regrets that haunt my dreams at times and yet, I take comfort in the fact that I have not allowed them to cause me to become the bitter and hateful bitch of an old woman I had for a mother-in-law. One of my favorite sayings is mounted and hung one my kitchen walls: Always look ahead, there are no regrets in that direction.

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