Pour here for best results

Three Word Wednesday



“First Date Jitters”

“I’ve said all along, and here’s where my thinking dovetails nicely with the reality of the current situation…”

“Which is?”

“The thinking or the current situation?”


“Well, the economic meltdown, crash, stumble, flame-out, you name it, that current situation.”

“Oh… I was wondering why this place was so empty.”

“Don’t you follow the news?”

“Not really. It’s all the same anyway. Opium for the rabble.”

“I think you mean ‘masses’.”


“Look, all I meant was that the current situation is based on systemic risk built into an economic model that rewards big thinking and bold initiatives. All this recession does is to validate the mandate that people are actually herd animals and prefer to follow someone with a strong personality.”

“Uh huh.”

“Let me show you. Let’s say this piece of steak is the president and these fries are the voters. Notice that the meat is rich and tender, lean yet flavorful. But the fries are all rigid, burnt and in disarray. They’ve been frozen, chopped and boiled in scalding oil.”


“Exactly! So what does the ‘steak’ do to placate the ‘fries’?”

“I have no idea.”

“He pours gravy all over them and they go away happy.”

“Are you going to eat those?”

By Rose D. Kaye, February 11th, 2009


27 thoughts on “Pour here for best results

  1. Excellent! I love the dialog. “I think you mean masses.” “Whatever.” Beautiful. And the description of what happens to the voters during a campaign year… priceless.

  2. Rose its been a while but it is so very awesome to back around your cyber spot and reading your witty and oh so clever and well-written work! I loved the meat and potatoes metaphor and the dialogue keeps us moving at an efficient and enthralled pace – great post!

  3. What a fun slice of a time. Dialog can be so tricky, especially when politically themed. You nailed it–and with steak frites, aussi.

    I will be thinking of this little episode for a while, what a gifted wor(l)d crafter you are.

    As a total aside, I must note that l’onglet de boeuf, the hanger steak which is meant to be used for steak frites, is a very flavourful cut; only one per cow…

  4. That then Chris, is the perfect analogy. Only one per cow = more cows to meet demand = more methane = climate change.



    Sorry about the spam. 😦

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