Frankly my dear…

Three Word Wednesday.



What triggers your impulse to help? Is the risk of reaching out exceeded by the potential reward? Do you prefer a candid examination or simply jumping in and getting started?




9 thoughts on “Frankly my dear…

  1. My heart triggers me, Rose. When I “feel” a need, I feel the need to satisfy it. As with PetLovers, Those kitties need my help in finding Mommies. They need my tenderness and love. It’s accepted at face value. They are happier for it.

    It does my heart & soul good to kknow I’ve done something.

    D 🙂

  2. What triggers the impulse to help? I guess there are as many reasons as their are people with the impulse to help. Keenly aware of my good fortune to have had a car at my disposal over the years, I have, all too often, become caught up in other people’s lives and all too often by those who, whether they know it or not, have exhausted me: mentally and physically. I still feel the “pull” but finding it easier to resist as I head for the big “90”.

  3. never do a good deed with the expectancy of reward or thanks… don’t think about it, just do it not for yourself but for others

    Rose keep an eye out for my next post… yes I am gonna post real soon and it’s gonna be long because I have met some of the most amazing people ever and I want to share

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