Perfect words

Three Word Wednesday



“Friends across the miles”

There is someone I know, several someones in fact, that prefer to be recluse. I don’t cajole and tempt with witticisms for doing so would be the height of hypocrisy; understanding my own nature far too well. My curiosity has both reached a temper and a place of suspension. But I know that my friends remain my friends. When will the changes I promised to myself occur? A question someone, several someones are asking as well.

By Rose D. Kaye, March 11th, 2009


5 thoughts on “Perfect words

  1. “When will the changes I promised to myself occur?” A recurring theme in my life as well. Good stuff.

  2. A little reclusive, a little angry and certainly some cajoled, this post surely resonates with me. I’ve almost forgotten what changes I promised myself.

  3. (((((Rose)))))

    the changes depend, dearest sistah across the miles, whether you are a leopard or a chameleon, but do not change for change sake because if it ain’t broken (and it ain’t) then it don’t need fixing

    everyone finds themselves in a different place at different times in their lives… nothing’s a constant

    luv ya sweetie ann xoxoxox

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