Moving forward… creeping actually

Before I get into this week’s Three Word Wednesday I wanted to inform everyone that I am posting daily chapters from my book “Knickers Abroad; a multiple journey”. These excerpts are the travel narrative part from our trip to London and Paris in October of 2007. So far today’s chapter is number three of twenty so you have plenty of time to read over the next three weeks. You can find the page with the complete list of current and future chapters at this link.



“High Society”

rich is all relative
so they say
a million
is only pocket change
these days

said with earnest words
barely scraping by
you should see
the next door neighbor
now there’s wealth piled high

it’s like a cake you see
first one layer
then the frosting
hardly enough
for all the players

we can’t understand
all the reactive fuss
trillions have been lost
only five homes
now for us

By Rose D Kaye, March 25th, 2009

11 thoughts on “Moving forward… creeping actually

  1. This is so fresh with whats on all our minds – I enjoyed the poem so much I had to read it to my husband! great to see your words again on 3ww you’re such a great writer!

  2. Like one of the others, I envision this one put to music.

    And of course rich IS relative. Things are temporary. Our culture has bifurcated: A large part is still living the “me generation” way of the 1980s (get all the wealth you can, damn ethics and to hell with everyone else). The upcoming, younger generations, however, seem to be more compassionate and less materialistic (in general)–more active, more concerned, more tolerant culturally.

    I think there’s a danger in looking up the class structure without also looking down the class structure. It’s easy to demonize the super wealthy who really have not lost much in comparison to the on-the-edge families that have lost homes, jobs, etc. But it’s also easy to ignore the billions of people who never had that to lose in the first place, who didn’t overspend on giant SUVs and season passes to Six Flags and 62-inch flat screen televisions.

    While I do like your verse and generally agree with what you’re saying, I also think there’s a danger in simplifying too much.

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