‘Circles Over The City’

“Knickers Abroad; a multiple journey”


Rose D. Kaye

For a complete list of chapters in numerical order please go to this page.


Chapter Four

‘Circles Over The City’

‘Attention please, this is your captain speaking. We will be delayed in our arrival, as there is heavy traffic in London. We will be loitering over the city for a bit.’

We did indeed loiter at a sedate pace and admired the scenery of the surrounding countryside. We were slowly flying downriver over the Thames near the Millennium Dome when we received permission to land. The plane made a swift, hard, right bank and accelerated: quickly diving back west towards Heathrow, cutting in front of other aircraft in the holding pattern. A straight in and smooth landing – all Airbuses seem to have the same touchdown, a hop, skip and a jump – four engines in reverse, flaps up and hard on the brakes throws you firmly back into your seat. The captain mentioned that we had been brought in five minutes early after all, but it was in fact too early as our arrival gate had a plane still attached. No worries though as within a minute we were moving again.

‘And off we go!’ That was Brian’s comment as the seat belt sign was turned off and the mad scramble commenced for overhead luggage. An hour after landing we had cleared Immigration with no problems; as only a few of us were non-UK residents, there were no lines. We trudged ever onward to retrieve our baggage then headed out past Customs to Arrivals and our auspicious first meeting with Ann.

She bounded towards us, an ecstatic grin floating on her beautiful face, arms outstretched and disbelieving giggles smothering us with love. It had been so many months of planning and here she finally was in the exuberant flesh. Excited and passionate, Ann was a bundle of energy and giddy as a child with a new toy. After only five minutes we could tell that this trip was going to be extraordinary and a better hostess and friend we couldn’t have ever hoped to find.

“Welcome once again to ‘Flashing Knickers With Dewy’ everyone. I hope all of you had a refreshing break and are eager to continue this enthralling saga of multiplicity. On that note, enough already, Rose! That paragraph above is so cloying and sappy. You can’t possibly have been so enamored with each other after only five minutes! It must have been the jet lag or lack of sleep causing you to hallucinate Brian.”

“Sorry everyone, but it’s all true Dewy. Meeting Ann, seeing her face for the first time, was something I’ll never forget. We’d been talking on the phone and in emails for a year, but from the first instant we wanted to stay for much longer than ten days. I think Rose has captured the moment perfectly.”

“Thank you Brian. For me personally Dewy, I waited until we were at Ann’s house and alone before coming out and introducing myself. I was still a bit uncomfortable in crowds at that time, but I was out front and center the entire ride to Ann’s house. I was enthralled by every sight that passed by our windows and I wanted so badly to say hi, but it wasn’t the right time.”

“How about you Diane? Were you a part of this love fest or were you the normal and rational one? You seem so grounded.”

“Well Dewy, I was searching the crowd in the opposite direction and didn’t see Ann approach as Rose described. However I looked around and there was this stylish woman clinging to Brian and chattering ecstatically in a fabulous British accent.”

“I have a serious question then for you Diane. Did you hope this was Ann and not some random floozy on the make?”

“Don’t be silly Dewy. I knew it was Ann right away and I was so pleased she had found us in the herd stampeding by. It was a very touching scene and it warmed my heart to see them finally connecting in person. After she let him go, Ann threw her arms around me in gleeful welcome with excited chatter and a thousand questions. She was already making sure we were well and had been cared for properly. I was very surprised by her vibrant energy and genuine joy in seeing us.”

“On that note ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for my next special guest to join us in person here on the stage. Please give a warm welcome to an early member of the ‘Fresh Knickers Club’; a writer, a dreamer, a poet and an all around fantastic friend, Amorous Ann.”

“Thank you so much, Dewy, for inviting me. I am so excited to be here with my friends again.”

“You’re so very welcome Ann, it’s a privilege to have you on the show. I have to ask you first, do you think this is an accurate portrayal of the meeting at the airport? It just seems so unlikely that you could meet strangers for the first time and be so happy.”

“It was perfect Dewy. Our first meeting was perfect and I was so excited that nothing was going to hold me down. I think I was the happiest woman on earth at that moment. Friends had been asking me if I was worried, having strangers in my home; my only worry was that they wouldn’t like me and wouldn’t have a good time.”

“Ann, what was it like when you saw them for the first time? Were they in fact strangers and what emotions did you have at that instant when you realized they were actually here in your country?”

“Happiness. I was so happy Dewy. I was anxious not to be late; we’d been stuck in traffic. I was so ready to hug everyone and I didn’t feel like I was meeting strangers, but meeting close friends. I couldn’t stop looking at them, searching their faces and pinching myself that it wasn’t a dream. I sat between them on the ride back home and I was constantly swiveling my head back and forth and grinning as wide as I could.”

Ann had hired a car for the round trip from her home and Maurice was frustrated with the typical big city traffic on this Friday morning. They had been delayed on the way in by accidents, but as it turned out, we met in the Arrivals lounge at exactly the same time. Take that, quantum foam! Now, on the way back there were more accidents on both sides of the motorway and Maurice was concerned he’d miss his next assignment. We didn’t mind though, as the day slowly moved towards noon, the lovely countryside basked in the bright sun. We talked about the flight and the week’s plans and anything and everything that caught our fancy. I was certainly surprised at the amount of open land and even livestock in the areas we passed through. Finally we exited the motorway – the wrong way on the left – the local roads were tight and narrow and went up and down over rolling hills still lush with greenery. Despite the longer than normal ride back, we pulled up to Ann’s house in good order. Her two-story town house was picture perfect and she fairly bounced off the freshly painted white walls with delight as she showed off her home: our guest home for the next ten blissful days.


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