Sort of.

He started therapy several weeks ago along with medication. Today was the second therapy session and it went heavily emotional right from the start. So much so that by halfway through he had had enough and begged me to take over.

I did: and I enjoyed it. Oh how I have missed the fresh air and joy of seeing the world. Not that it’s anybody’s fault but my own, I do take responsibility for my actions and that’s why I’ve been so quiet. This therapy wasn’t supposed to be about us, the others, but instead it’s been all multiples all the time. Surprising really. I have a feeling – a wild hunch – that I’ll be around a lot as this plays out since the boys are radiating so much fear. We are all together after all and I’m tired of skulking in dark places… except with a lover, that sounds like fun. 😉



P.S. Congrats to Drizel on being pregnant. Woo Hoo!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Resurrected

  1. You have been gone a while, now, haven’t you? I hope the ‘sort of’ doesn’t mean you’re leaving again.
    Cheers. Summer’s here.

  2. Thank goodness you’re always there for him. Was the therapist surprised at all??

    I’m glad you’re back. Much love & hugs!

    D 🙂

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