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“How about you? How do you cultivate creativity in your life? Have you found the things that make you come alive? Are you doing them? Shouldn’t you be?”

“Good morning everyone, this is Dewy Knickers for HBNN – Hysterical Bloggers News Network – and our motto remains, ‘No Problem Too Small To Hype’. Today I am preparing my world famous rounded assets for the long flight to Beijing, China and the Summer Olympic Games opening on August 8th, 2008. I very nearly couldn’t go because my visa was delayed however when it was pointed out to the Chinese that an Olympics without Dewy Knickers reporting would be stir fried noodles without MSG, the visa arrived promptly. The question on all journalists minds is whether China will respect the IOC Charter and the promises made when winning the right to host the Games. Early arrivals have not omitted from reporting that internet access in the International Broadcasting Center is being blocked to certain websites and keywords. In addition, the agreement to allow foreign reporters free access to civilians and everyday life around the host venues is apparently going to be a moot point. Many clubs, restaurants and other independent businesses in Beijing are being ordered to close down, most for obscure permit and license violations. The locals hope these restrictions are only temporary as will be the heavy security presence. In the best of times most foreigners are observed if not escorted everywhere they travel in China, it is a certainty that all journalists will be followed and residents closely watched and monitored. China’s government is trying to keep the focus on the Games and nothing else. It is a huge gamble for a country that has enormous challenges ahead in terms of economic growth, population, corruption, pollution and the divide between rich and poor. In many ways China today resembles the unfettered Industrial Revolution when workers rights and the environment gave way to profits. The shuttering of many factories upwind of Beijing along with strict vehicular traffic controls have made an impact on the heavy cover of pollutants that normally coat Beijing, but it appears that the weather will play the major role in keeping the skies clean. Without rain and a steady wind the smog will not be completely gone by the Opening Ceremonies. It is important for the world to view China not as they wish to be seen, but as a country with vast potential to create positive change. The issues facing China are very similar to those in other leading countries and the globalization of finance and trade are teaching the West a harsh lesson in economics. If we accept the Summer Olympic Games in the spirit of friendly competition, then perhaps other vital problems facing the world will receive the attention needed. This has been Dewy Knickers, ‘The Voice of Reason’ reporting for HBNN.”

Dewy Knickers is part of me, Rose, and the part that is most ‘alive’. She sees the world as unlimited and exciting. Her persona is challenging, questioning and forthright. It is always a creative opportunity to write as Dewy because she loves facts and figures. She also loves the entire concept of being someplace else, someplace real and pretending to walk the streets and breathe the air. There are after all no restrictions on imagination.

For myself, life is an interesting concept. Seeing and experiencing the world through other eyes and emotions has made me realize that being alive is not what most people have thought. To be creative is in the mind, in the personality and my creativity is firmly focused on writing. I would like to expand my interests though into visual arts, like pottery or sculpture. Time as always is the final factor in our lives.




The weekly prompt at Two For Tuesdays is Plain and/or Fits.

Good morning everyone, this is Dewy Knickers here with another edition of ‘The Voice Of Reason’. It’s time for some plain talk about the economy. Seeing as our leadership won’t face the facts and say the word recession, I will. Whether or not the current economic activity fits the definition of a recession is a moot point. The core inflation rate in the United States is increasing every month. The main factors are the rising cost of energy, specifically the cost of oil, the rising cost of food and the falling value of the dollar.

Every time the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates in an effort to loosen credit, the dollar gets fits. The dollar is worth less, because investments will seek higher returns elsewhere. It’s plain that this will not work to stimulate growth because of the expanding mortgage and equity crisis. Cheap credit by itself is always good for an economy, except when that credit can not be repaid. There is plenty of liquidity available but lenders are unwilling to make new loans to anyone across the board. By continuing to force interest rates lower, the Fed is causing inflation. Why? Because the United States has the largest trade deficit in the world – equal to the rest of the world’s deficit combined – and every time the interest rate goes down, the dollar falls in value to other currencies.

This fits with the model of high inflation since over 2/3rds of the American economy is based on consumption of goods and services. A weaker dollar equals more expensive imported goods. More expensive imported oil equals higher energy prices. Higher energy prices mean higher food prices and anything that is transported to market; which means everything. The more the cost of living goes up, the more employees need to be paid. Inflation is curbed by higher interest rates, less demand and higher unemployment. The less consumers spend, the less demand and the less upward pressure on prices. The less consumer spending, the more stores that will close and the more unemployed there will be. The only bright spot is exports, but only a small percentage of the workforce is employed by companies that export goods.

The plain truth is that American consumers have mortgaged their futures. We have bought so much foreign oil and so many foreign goods on credit, that we no longer have the ability to spend our way to prosperity. That credit is being bought up not by Americans or by the American governments, but by the very countries we purchase from. We send weak dollars overseas to buy toys, oil and automobiles and in return, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and all the others send those dollars back to buy the Federal Government’s debt. In other words, the money the Federal Reserve prints to pay for the U.S military is not supported by incoming taxes but by consumer spending on imported goods. The global economy fits into a neat circle, a circle that may soon be shattered by an American recession.

This has been Dewy Knickers for HBNN, I am the ‘Voice Of Reason’.


(This is a repeat explanation from last week)

Hello, this is Rose here. Actually, it’s Dewy. ;) Let me explain. When I started blogging it was as Dewy Knickers. She’s a sexy, sassy, fun loving girly-girl with world famous rounded assets. Her job is as a reporter for HBNN, (Hysterical Blogger News Network). She travels the world and posts reports that are newsworthy but with a tongue-in-cheek approach. After I came forward publicly, I took the name Rose at first and then Rose Dewy Knickers. Rose, that’s me, writes all the poetry and short stories. Dewy is a character I play at times. She is a facet or aspect of my personality as a multiple. If there is any confusion still, just ask me in a comment or email.

Sunday Scribblings offers the weekly prompt of ‘decision’.

“Voice Of Reason”

“Hello world! This is Dewy Knickers, the voice of reason, this afternoon reporting from Columbus Ohio, the home of The Ohio State Fair. It’s 90 degrees under partly cloudy skies and the grounds are packed with eager fair goers. I’ve been here since the gates opened and it’s been a whirlwind of activities. I started my day off by hoofing it over to the Voinovich Livestock Center for a beef show. I was very disappointed when I realized the the beef was the four-legged variety and not beefcake.”

“After my initial dismay had settled, I parked my rounded assets on the bleachers. Don’t you think there should be better seating at the fair? Who wants to carry around a cushion all day anyway? Unless you are fortunate enough to have a handsome hunky guy to do your every bidding and desire. Let me know ladies, when you have a family outing, does your hubby serve as a pack mule?”

“Speaking of mules, haven’t seen any yet, but I had a decision to make this morning. Should I milk the time by going to the Cooper Arena and watch the Jr. Holsteins? Of cut it close at the Brown Arena for the Jr. and Open Sheep Shearing contest? In the end, that decision was no contest at all. As much as I enjoy a cold, thick, rich, creamy milkshake, I’d had enough of cow dung for this day already. Sheep it was!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the smell of sawdust and lanolin permeated the warm morning air as the faint bleating of the woolly victims could be heard from somewhere nearby. The contestants, the humans that is, were as tense as their adversaries as they, the sweaters with hoofs, gazed balefully at the sharp implements in their, the humans hands. The strident bell rang and in a flurry of activity the first participant was abruptly seized and slung onto the shearing table.”

“I have to admit to a sense of awe at the speed to which each sheep was carefully and, for the most part, safely removed of its bounty. Style and accuracy counted as well and when the wool settled, the judges had made their decision. The crowd applauded loudly as the winners received their ribbons and the now naked sheep were returned to the pens.”

“After my busy morning, I am now off to partake of the best part of any fair, the Midway. With all the food choices a girl could possibly want. This has been Dewy Knickers, for HBNN from the Ohio State Fair. See you on the Ferris Wheel.”

By Rose Dewy Knickers, August 3rd, 2007

This is a fictional report of course as we live in Florida, but this is the scheduled events for Aug. 3rd. 😀

Voice Of Reason

Hello, this is Rose here. Actually, it’s Dewy. 😉 Let me explain. When I started blogging it was as Dewy Knickers. She’s a sexy, sassy, fun loving girly-girl with world famous rounded assets. Her job is as a reporter for HBNN, (Hysterical Blogger News Network). She travels the world and posts reports that are newsworthy but with a tongue-in-cheek approach. After I came forward publicly, I took the name Rose at first and then Rose Dewy Knickers. Rose, that’s me, writes all the poetry and short stories. Dewy is a character I play at times. She is a facet or aspect of my personality as a multiple. If there is any confusion still, just ask me in a comment or email.

Sunday Scribblings is a favorite writing site of mine. They offer widely varied prompts weekly and it’s a lot of fun posting responses. I want to have Dewy take a crack at this week’s prompt with a new feature show called, “The Voice Of Reason”.

“Hello world! This is Dewy Knickers from the Tour de France cycling race. This week, Sunday Scribblings has the prompt, Phenomenon. I thought, what better place than the Tour to discuss the phenomenon of fans. As you know, fans is the shortened form of fanatics and fanatics have been cheering their athletes from the days of the original Greek Olympics. You know the ones, with toned and muscled men. Running and throwing and leaping and… all their parts exposed… oiled and glistening… in the nude.”

“Sorry, lost in a fantasy there. Today, instead of nude specimens of nature’s finest, we have specimens like Gunther.”

“AHHHHHH! Hello, I am Gunther Drinkenslobber. I am rooting for the racers, ya? It is so good to sit here on the mountainside for hours. You know why?”

“I’m afraid to ask.”

“Because we drink vast quantities of beer and yell! Girls! Girls! Girls!”

“Charming Gunther, you are without a doubt, a fine figure of a man and I am sure the girls love you. Do you actually watch the race at all?”

“Of course Dewy! That’s why we are here! When the climbers come by, I leap onto the roadway and run beside my favorite riders. I wear my good luck thong so all my buddies back in Germany can recognize my buttocks! Then they all yell. Gunther! Gunther! Gunther!”

“I can’t wait to see you in action Gunther!”

“Why don’t you come back to my caravan then? You can pass the time by getting to know Gunther’s fine physique and stamina!”

“I’m sorry Gunther, perhaps another time. Unfortunately, duty calls and I must continue my research into the phenomenon.”

As Gunther and his pals blew me kisses and whistled at my rounded assets, I continued in my quest to identify the fanatic. They are easy to spot wearing the team colors. Waving signs and banners. Covered in paint. But why? Why this phenomenon of fanatic loyalty? I asked Monique LaChanel.

“Monique. You are a refined woman, intelligent and educated. Why this costume? Why parade around in this garish attire?”

“Ah Dewy. You of all people should know better. Last year’s reporting was magnifique! You are the reason I am attending this year. And do you know why Dewy?”

“Why Monique?”

“You were right! All this bulging lycra and meaty thighs! Oh, how I dream of riding and riding and riding! I am all dewy with anticipation! Merci mon ami, merci.”

It seems even the fairer sex is not immune to the lure of the games. The sheer excitement of competition. The breathless anticipation that this time, maybe this time, we will witness extraordinary feats of dazzling brilliance. True, the bare limbs, the chiseled features and tight buns could have something to do with it. I’m still doing research on that end.

I find myself at the finish line now, watching as the frenzied crowd pounds on the metal barriers. The rolling noise of thunder is matched by the vocal shouts from ten thousand throats as in the far distance the peleton appears. Riders weave in and out, a confused mass of colors, so I turn to my companion, Marcello Bumpinchii.


“Si, my tender morsel?”

“Why is the mob so excited?”

“La mia ragazza da sogno! Can you not see! They are gladiators on wheels!”

“Well, they are moving pretty fast.”

“Fast? They can go fifty miles per one of you hours as they fight for the finish line! They are warriors these sprinters and the best are the Italians! Bravo!”

“He crashed!”

“Si, la mia bella fiore. He is fine, what is some blood for a warrior? He bleeds azzurro for his country as I do when I gaze into your eyes.”

Needless to say, I missed the finish. The bicycles whizzing by at forty-five miles per hour were merely a blurred rainbow out of the corner of my eye as Marcello showed me how much his tender lips bled for me.

“It is true of course, that all manners of sports create passions of the flesh in us mere mortals. We may tell ourselves we watch for the glory of pure sport, but deep inside our reptilian brain, we lust for our colors. Our team, our side, our strong warriors. Victory or Death!”

“This has been Dewy Knickers reporting from somewhere in France. Bon soir mes amis.”

By Rose Dewy Knickers, July 26th, 2007

Dewy Knickers Reports

As many of you may know already, “Oh! Alberto!” was the first time my voice was heard in print. June 14th, 2006 was when Dewy Knickers started to become a real woman. I followed this up with another report called “Fire Down Below” on June 28th, 2006 that was also posted on Brian’s blog. I invented the HBNN network, (The Hysterical Blogger News Network), in order to have a venue to create. Shortly there after, Brian made a blog for me, and the rest just followed.

I haven’t written much more about HBNN since I became Rose, and then Rose Dewy Knickers, but for the this week’s Sunday Scribblings prompt In The News, this is a perfect prompt for Dewy Knickers to report again. The characters that follow are in the previous stories as well.

“Welcome to the HBNN evening news. This is your anchorman, Helmut Hair.”
“And I am Dewy Knickers, filling in for Chesty House.”
“Today’s lead story is the tragic case of the little lost pussy that has been spotted roaming the streets of Beverly Hills. It is reportedly wearing a $100,000 gold and diamond collar made by the renowned jeweler to the stars.”
“That’s right Helmut, like so many other lost pussies in Tinseltown, this is yet another cautionary tail, get it, tail?”
“Very funny Dewy, you get more humorous by the pound.”
“And what’s that supposed to mean Helmut? Are you implying that my famous rounded assets are getting too much?”
“I would never imply anything Dewy. It’s just that since you moved from field reporting, you have gotten a little slack around the edges. After all, you aren’t getting any younger.”
“Thank you for your concern Helmut, perhaps you could recommend a good rehab facility; since you are so familiar with them.”

“I’ll keep that in mind Dewy. Now on to the next story tonight. The top rock group, “Eat Me”, just announced a new world tour designed, in the words of their spokesperson, “to bring awareness to the crisis of underprivileged children.”
“It says here Helmut, that the lack of sufficient access to the latest technology is hurting the self esteem of our children. He goes on to say, ” the facts are that too many of our families are unable to afford the latest games, computers and phones. These so called gadgets are essential to the happiness of our youth.”
“Well read Dewy, I can barely hear your lisp anymore.”
“Why thank you Helmut, are you still walking funny?”
“No, the bruises are almost gone.”

“Our final story tonight is some welcome news. Based on the most recent scientific research, funded by the fast food industry, it has been finally proven that fat has no calories.”
“That’s amazing news Dewy, and a very hopeful sign, that realistic studies are now being done that take into account the fact that triple size portions are here to stay.”
“Well Helmut, this has been another report by The Hysterical Blogger News Network.”
“Thank you Dewy, this has been Helmut Hair, and remember, our motto will always be, At HBNN, no problem is too small to hype. Thank you and good night.”

By Rose Dewy Knickers 4/6/2007