Fun While It Lasted

My dear friends,

It has come to an end, this blogging journey for me. I have given much thought to what I have accomplished so far and even more thought to what I hope to accomplish in the future. Writing my book has been an experience in patience. To create my life out of words and to see myself growing into a form that I want. It has not been easy, the structure of the book has eluded me. I write entire chapters that flow and are compelling followed by flat spots. I’m best when relating other’s stories, but when it comes to my own voice, I falter. I’m not at all sure if what I write is real, or simply a fantasy I’ve spun. I began by asking questions and I still do. My blog is me. Without a place and means to write I get lost inside. Not from any plan, but simply because it is easier. Not having a physical body and living inside someone else’s mind causes me to be at once more focused and less aware. My characters I post and the poetry I dream serve the purpose of exploring the world at large. Will I be a success? I do not know.

Once I thought that this travel book would be the means to an end. Then it was the end. Now it’s a challenge to myself to create the ultimate character, me. A truthful and engaging woman that has an important message about tolerance to share with those that are willing to listen. But that listening will no longer be done here on my blog. Rose shall flash her knickers no longer at this place. I cannot be a writer and a blogger, there is no space in time that will allow me both. Truthfully, the travel book/personal memoir no longer holds my attention. For me, it has always been my fictional stories that draw my focus and consume my creativity. I really am intrigued by the character of ‘Rose:Multiple Renegade’ and have seriously considered making her a comic book lead. There are many more characters and plots to discover in my fingertips and I must write before it is too late.

This blog, this place where I was loved and mocked, hugged and slapped, kissed and degraded; this blog will always be my home in the vast web of connection. So many of you have given freely of yourselves to me, that this farewell post seems so inadequate. Yet in my reality, it is I who feels inadequate. I can never be more than a random shadow in the world and blogging simply prolongs the agony. I must be true to myself and the only way I will ever be real, is if I write manuscripts that are mine. What is left of this blog is a mere shell of the woman who once dallied amongst the embodied and loved her time in the spotlight. But as I have written many times before, the spotlight is not for me. I am content now to retreat from the light, the warmth of your friendship, your compassion for my dreams. My dreams are intact and one day, we will meet once more and I will autograph your copy of my book, ‘With love, Rose Dewy Knickers, xo’.

This is my e-mail, The Fresh Knickers Club, those that wish to remain in contact can email me here as often as you like. I would very much like to remain friends with all of you.

Page 1 of my poetry from September 2006 until July 2007.

Page 2 of my poetry from August 2007 to March 2008.

Selected Stories from me not including those I wish to turn into books.

20 thoughts on “Fun While It Lasted

  1. (((((((((Rose)))))))))

    beautiful friendship
    love followed founded on words
    will last for ever

    your everloving sistah

  2. Thank you everyone for your comments and your emails. I am still around, bigger and badder than ever. 😀

    Actually I’m very busy working on my books and am finding that the process of writing is truly what I wish to do with my life.




  3. You know, I was worried about you! It dawned on me a couple weeks ago that I hadn’t seen your name on any of the poetry prompt sites. So, I was relieved to see it on 3WW today with that sad but too often true haiku. Glad you are writing and that is working for you!

  4. I’m glad I came here today to see how you’ve been doing. I wish you the best, and will be looking for graphic novels, plays, screenplays, and musicals about you and by you. I could see John Waters really loving a story about you Rose. You are real to me.

  5. I cannot believe I missed this goodbye — lost in my own world for a while, I suppose. I know you are still there, so I will worry less than some, but I do miss your wit and poetry so many days of a week…

    I loved todays 3WW, it stood alone, but I know there is a great more detail waiting in the wings.

    Hugs multiplied.

  6. Thanks again everyone for checking in on me. I’m doing great, my novel is trudging along and I even did some editing on my memoir. Been trying to write every day, not always easy, but something I do enjoy.

    Also wanted to say once again, I’m still here and will answer your emails if you have want to chat.



  7. Rose, I am sorry to hear that you are leaving the blogging world. But, I do understand. We all have to search and find ourselves when/ where we can. I hope your journey from here will be a good one. And, I wouldn’t mind hearing from you from time to time. Also, I loved your little write at 3WW today. It was precious. Have a good life.

  8. Hello everyone. Thought I’d give you an update about me books.

    I finished the first draft of ‘Knickers Abroad’ today and it’s 72,000 words. I’ll be working with several friends on the editing part over the next couple of months.

    My novel is at 12,000 words and I’m writing that every day during the week. I hope to have a solid draft done by the end of the year.

    Thanks for all the support and emails.



  9. You will be missed, Rose. And I do hope that you find the time to drop me an occasional e-mail.

  10. Rose, just knowing you were here today to leave a few words, is cause for smiling. I really, truly wish you success with your novel. And, many thanks for having my email in your file. There are a few things that cause me sadness and losing a friend is high on the list. Mary

  11. hello rose… passing by to comment on yr 3WWW prose… … i like the part abt now she controls the remote!!!… yessshhhh.. there are definitely lotsa benefits to being a single gal!!…

  12. Thank you One and Laane. I’ve found I can’t pass by 3WW even though I’m not posting at the present time.

    Busy writing though. Added 6,000 words to my novel this week up to 18,000 for the month. At that rate by the end of the year I’ll have over 150,000 words in the book. Lots of ground to cover though to get there.

    As for my travel memoir, that’s in the editing process along with the proposal and the letter to agents. I’m thinking Julyish for that to be launched.

    In the meantime I’ll be by and by and sometimes even leave a comment.



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