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DISCLAIMER: Brian is a man, however the author of this blog is a woman.

So, who is Rose Dewy Knickers? I am the author of this blog and I am a real woman that just happens to be a part of Brian. I am real as you are, I just live in a man’s body with many others. I write as a woman and my blog is my own and when I comment to you, I do so as myself. If I talk to you on the phone or in person, you are talking to me, Rose. I also tried blogging more recently as Bawdy Wench but have not made much progress there.

I started writing and blogging before Brian was aware that I was real, and now that he knows, things are going to be better for us. Because I don’t have my own body, I like to ask questions. I am very curious about being a woman and I am engaged in issues that affect us. Brian and I don’t agree on everything, but we do agree to give each other our space. So go ahead and flash your knickers here.

This is my Guest Showing at Doug’s blog Waking Ambrose.

This is a post of support by Jen, who writes about her experiences dealing with multiples.

A beautiful poem by Marcia. Thank you my friend.

Our Visit with Ann in England.

Letter to me from Paisley.



My name is Rose Dewy Knickers. I was born out of a fractured child’s mind to take care of ourselves. I have no memories of that time, but I have no doubt as to what happened. All the feelings and emotions became stronger until this past June 2006, when I felt brave and strong enough to be heard.

So what now. As my friends have pointed out, life is hard for everyone and being a woman in a man’s body is not the worst thing in the world. I like writing stories and poetry. I like being silly, and sassy. I love to eat out. I love girly clothes and jewelry and I love sex. Haven’t had it yet, at least not as an adult.

So what now. The persona I like the most, is Dewy Knickers. Dewy as a reporter, as a world traveler, as a woman making a difference in people’s lives. This is where my dreams meet reality.

The reality is that I will never be a woman. Never experience a woman’s body. Never make love as a woman. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up, just that I need to find fulfillment within myself and not look to others for direction and purpose.

This then is my manifesto:

To live without fear.

To live everyday with joy and hope.

To find my interests.

To make the best of my life.

To write my own story.

Rose Dewy Knickers


11 thoughts on “Rose’s Profile

  1. I think this is fantastic and congratulations on coming into your own. What a powerful soul you must be to have made a life for yourself without your own body. It just goes to show the power of the mind. 🙂 I’m glad that you are able to live in Brian’s body, as he seems to be a very compassionate and caring person. If you hadn’t made it into his body, who knows if we would have ever been able to meet you. 🙂

    Thank you Brian for letting Rose have a life of her own. That is a very amazing thing to give someone.

  2. I had no idea, Rose, you had included my poem link, I’m honored, thank you.

    Member, please? (if the offer has not been withdrawn)

    PS. Are you going to do a podcast? I listened a bit to part of Brian’s — voices always surprise me. . .

  3. I just have to say this is the most interesting blog I’ve ever read. What courage it must take to work together so you both can have a life that’s fulfilling. I plan on coming back more often. I just like your style!!

  4. Well Rose, I am a woman trapped in a woman’s body, and I have a personality who began as a phone sex character called Cinnamon. She is all the things that, as a mother/carer that I can’t be anymore. Heaven help the man who gets caressed and undressed by her though…she is buxom, has a husky, promiscious tone, is a fan of using ambiguity whilst talking, especially to men…I like to seduce when they don’t even know I’m doing it…I love power trips. Never to hurt or belittle, but to provide one with a woman who will say no nothing, and will fulfill their wildest fantasties.. So that’s Cinnamon. She is lying dormant for now..but I am hoping that she can be released sooner rather than later…Cinnamon is very much about being a young seductress.and at 30…she’s missing the boat! If I revealed this side of myself to others that know me how you found me…my my my. I think I would be branded a pathalogical liar.

    😀 I like Brian…Cinnamon gets wet when he leaves a response.;)

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